Planning your meals when trying to lose weight may look and sound easy, but in reality, you have to consider a couple of things. Why? Because when you are trying to achieve a suitable meal plan perfect for your weight loss journey, you are not just simply choosing foods. Rather, you have to select those that are healthy and meet the nutritional needs of your body.

To kick-start your meal-planning journey towards better health and weight loss, we have written a few tips that you can use in conjunction with a weight loss program in Singapore.

Know how much calories you need to take per day
It is important to know how much calories per day you need in order to sustain your body and help you have the energy to function. You can determine your recommended daily intake by researching or for more accurate data, by consulting a professional. Once you already know your recommended daily intake, it becomes much easier to plan down your meals.

Determine your budget
Trying to lose weight can be a bit expensive but it will definitely pay off in the end. The next thing that you have to consider when planning your meal is your budget. Sometimes, healthy food costs a lot more expensive than the food we eat every day. Spending more on healthier food will be money well spent as you will increase your chances of avoiding diseases further down the road, saving on potential health costs.

Collect recipes
The easiest way to plan your meals is to research your recipes and know its ingredients. Find recipes that you think are most suitable for you and your needs, and start working from there. Also, determining which recipes you want to recreate for a specific week can save you time planning and you can worry less about what to eat. Another benefit from having recipes planned ahead is that you already know which groceries you need.

Know your portions
Knowing your portions is an effective way to track how much you have eaten. To keep you on track for your weight loss journey, knowing how much you should have for each type of food is important. This keeps you in the know about the number of calories each serving contains.

Choose alternatives
To prevent your taste buds from getting tired of the same food every day, consider planning alternatives every now and then. Surely, there are various options available in the market or grocery shops that you can work on. It is important to have variety because it is something that makes meal planning exciting. You will look forward to your meals more if they contain a big variety of tastes and culinary styles. It is also more likely for you to stick with your weight loss meals.

These are five of the most important meal planning tips that you can consider. Have fun planning your meals and good luck on your weight loss journey!

You have already enrolled in one of the best weight loss programs in Singapore, and you have your meals planned ahead. Your dedication to losing weight is total. However, there are just some days where you are tempted to break the cycle and cheat on your routine. Going on a weight loss program is a tough thing to do if you do not have the determination and discipline to continue.

While it is okay to go on a cheat day every now and then, there are still some things that you want to consider to avoid making a mistake. Why? A single mistake can send you back to square one and that is the last thing you want to happen.

Most people who go on diets tend to make several mistakes, thinking that it is okay to occasionally skimp on their normal routines. Keep in mind that it is important to stick to a routine as much as possible. This is in order to achieve the most favorable results.

Below are several common mistakes people who go on a weight loss journey sometimes do.

Neglecting the essential nutrients instead of eating healthy.

Most diets are usually very tricky because they make you skimp on nutrients that essentially fuel the body. Proteins, fats, and carbohydrates are nutrients that generally give your body energy to function. Skipping or cutting a chunk of calories from your diet can trick your body in losing weight but you will eventually gain them all back, making you gain more than what you intended to lose. In order to shed pounds, the right way to do it is to eat healthy. You have to balance each and every portion so you don’t take anything in excess. Excess calories are those that turn into and stored as fat when not used as energy.

Depriving yourself of food.

If you really want to be unsuccessful in losing weight, depriving yourself of food in a sure fire way to do it. You need to eat healthily and stop depriving yourself of eating something you love every once in a while. It is one way to actually achieve a successful weight loss journey. If you deprive yourself, chances are you become unsatisfied with what you are doing leading you to binge more on food at the end of the day.

Over drinking of water.

While water is good for keeping a body healthy because it flush toxins out of the system, over drinking poses a great danger to it too. You have to drink water if you must and drink some additional cups in order to meet your daily requirements. However, drinking too much water in a short period of time could lead to a severe drop in sodium levels in your body. This could be fatal in extreme cases and something you should avoid.

Going on fasts or skipping meals.

Depriving yourself of meals and not getting enough calories per day can not only compromise your body functions, but it is also very unhealthy. Aside from you are depriving yourself of nutrients, you will also consume more calories the next time eat. The reason for this is that your body feels that it needs more than necessary since it had not been properly nourished during the previous meal.

Ever heard of eating fats to lose weight?

Yes, you’ve read it right and no, we are not kidding you. However, you have to be careful when choosing which sources you are getting your fat intake from. You must do an adequate amount of research in order to make sure that whatever kind of food you are about to include in your diet is healthy. One thing to consider when selecting a food is to determine whether it can bring you more benefits than harm.

Now, to give you some ideas about famous food choices that are high in healthy fats, we are about to give you the down low on Avocados.

Why Avocados?

Avocados are great source of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and fats. Apart from the nutrient it contains, Avocados are also very low in calories, yet they can provide sufficient energy to your cells. Avocados also contain antioxidants that detoxify our bodies. The fat that avocados contain are not actually ‘bad’ fats, but they are rather nutritious. It is a type of monounsaturated fat called oleic acid, which is known to decrease blood pressure.

Can Avocados Really Help in Dieting?

Fiber-rich foods and those that contain high amounts of fat can make you feel sated quickly, making avocado a great choice when you are on a diet. Fibers and fats get digested really slowly and that is why you feel full for a longer time. Recent studies have shown that avocados can affect a person’s appetite as well. When these effects combine, it can lead to a favourable outcome of weight loss while reducing your waistline. Aside from weight loss benefits, avocados are very rich in antioxidants. These antioxidants get rid of free radicals from your body so you always feel clean and fresh.

It controls your sugar craving.

Aside from being packed with antioxidants, avocados are also known to tame your blood sugar levels as well as your craving for sweet food. In a recent study conducted by Diabetes Care, individuals who consume Avocados regularly have the lowest development of diabetes over a span of ten years. Another great thing about Avocados is that it lessens your food cravings, especially for sugar.


Avocados are great for dieting as long as you consume only a reasonable amount of them. However, too much of a good thing can be bad for you. It has been proven to be weight loss friendly and they do not necessarily contribute to gaining weight as long as you balance out your food intake. In fact, incorporating avocados to some of the best weight loss programs in Singapore can help you achieve your desired weight.

Avocados give you a lot of health benefits to help maintain not only your weight but also you overall wellbeing.

Admit it, you do not always eat healthily. In fact, whenever we are busy, we tend to skip meals or resort to take-outs and eating unhealthy food choices. Not only do the food we eat increase the amounts of toxins circulating inside our bodies, but stress and exhaustion also further affects our health.

Sometimes, you tend to question yourself, how you should start detoxifying your body? Do you need to deprive yourself of food? Do you need to go on a hunger strike? Or maybe, do you need to drown yourself in excessive amounts of water just to flush out these toxins?

Well, you really need not do anything that could harm your body, but instead, try other healthy alternatives that you can adhere to, like forgoing food choices that are rich in preservatives. Do also note that when you want to start your detox, increasing the rate of your metabolism is one way to get the work done.

If you are still not convinced, below are some important reasons that you can consider to begin detoxing your body!

It helps you lose weight.

Detoxifying helps your overall health, and it can be an effective slimming treatment too. Excess sugar tends to increase insulin levels in the body making you bloated or internal organs inflamed. Also, you store excess calories as fat when you ingest more calories than what you are burning. Detoxifying help shed those excess fats and turn it into energy, thereby increasing metabolism which can eventually lead to losing weight. If your detox still doen’t result in weight loss, you should try visiting Singapore’s weight-loss programs.

Detoxifying helps enhance your immune system.

Of course, when your body is circulated with harmful toxins, it is more likely that your immune system functions are compromised. Their ability to deal with harmful microorganisms deteriorates, and you find yourself falling sick more often. It makes you susceptible to infections and diseases if not taken care of immediately. Detoxifying is one way to replenish your cells to enable them to perform better and nourish your body properly.

It gives you sufficient energy throughout the day.

When your cells get lesser nutrients, you feel sluggish. It is also due to the compromised levels of oxygen in the cells, causing your brain to be less alert than how it is supposed to be. When you detox, you get a better quality of sleep and it can also improve your ability to concentrate.

Improves your skin.

Toxins deprive cells of nutrients making your skin look dull. When you detox, cells are renewed and this will have a great impact on the skin. Collagen production will be triggered and this strengthens the barrier of the skin. Moisture will also get retained and your skin will be at its best condition.

Your overall health will improve.

Toxins contribute to your harbouring of illnesses and diseases since these toxic substances weaken your immune system. By means of detoxifying, just like what was mentioned above, it supplies sufficient nutrients to the cells and assists your body to get rid of unwanted chemicals or substances out of the body.