Obesity is affecting an ever-increasing number of people. Compounding this with lifestyles that demand more and more of our time means that many of us are not at an optimal level of health, unable to adhere strictly to healthy diets and regular workout routines.

Many of us select the convenient path. We gravitate towards methods of weight loss advertised to help us lose weight without having to put a lot of effort in, even if this means using unproven weight loss pills which may come with unwanted side effects.

Losing weight has never been described as easy nor a walk in the park. While using weight loss pills may be a convenient way to achieve weight loss, it should only make up a small portion of your entire approach to losing weight. If you have a real need to lose weight, efforts must be made to fulfill your goal. To make the most of your efforts, you should only seek the best weight loss program in Singapore.

Here are some easily observable differences between effective and ineffective methods of weight loss to help you differentiate and identify effective slimming treatments.

Diet Vs Starvation

Despite the discipline and commitment required, a diet may be the best method that exists for quick and healthy weight loss. While it will definitely test your will power and dedication to losing weight, sticking to a strict diet will definitely give you results. Dieting isn’t restricted to people with specific body types, but can be applied by anyone who wants to lose weight. Dieting is different from starving yourself. A diet implies a rational restriction of calories, whereby starvation is exactly what it means, starving yourself from eating anything. Prolonged starvation will result in damage to your body.

Herbal/Dietary Supplements Vs Drugs/Pills

To be sure, there are supplements that are effective in aiding your weight loss. However, you have to filter through the advertising noise and only pick products that you think would actually be effective. You can measure and estimate its efficacy through customer reviews and testimonials, alongside double-checking its ingredients with scientific sources.

Supplements can be an iffy approach to weight loss. However, if you do your research and make objective decisions to the supplements you use, they can be of benefit to you. This will not only help you lose weight but will help you do so in safely.


Maybe your final hope will be to undergo surgery. Bariatric surgery and liposuction can also be effective slimming treatments. Just like any surgery, there are dangers included. These include the risk of the process itself and any possible after effects. In addition, surgeries of this sort will be exceptionally costly. This should just be done if all else fails and you are still desperate to lose weight.

Obesity or corpulence is a word that implies you weigh no less than 20% more than what is considered a healthy weight for your height. It makes you more inclined to conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, osteoarthritis, cancers, diabetes, gallbladder disease, gallstones and gout. It also causes breathing issues, for example, rest apnea and asthma.

Not every person who is overweight has these issues. The risk of contracting one of these health problems rises in the event you are genetically inclined to such problems.

Additionally, where your weight is located matters. If most of it is around your stomach, that might be more hazardous than if you are “pear” shaped, that your additional weight is generally located around your hips and posterior.

Here’s a closer look at the problems and diseases caused due to being overweight.

Coronary illness and Stroke

Additional weight makes you more inclined to have hypertension and elevated cholesterol levels. Both of those conditions make coronary illness or stroke more probable. Fortunately, losing a small amount of weight can lessen your odds of contracting coronary illness or stroke. Losing 10% of your weight has been demonstrated to bring down the possibility of coronary illness.

Type 2 Diabetes

A great many people who have Type 2 diabetes are overweight or corpulent. You can reduce the danger of being diabetic by losing weight, adjusting your eating habits, getting sufficient rest and exercising more. If you have type 2 diabetes, going for weight loss treatment and being more physically active can help control your glucose levels.


Tumors in the colon, kidney, endometrium and throat have been correlated to obesity. A few studies have likewise announced strong connections between carrying too much weight and tumours found in the gallbladder, ovaries and pancreas.

Gallbladder Disease

You will be far more susceptible to problems such as gallstones and gallbladder infections if you are obese. Ironically, weight reduction, especially extremely quick weight reduction or a sudden loss of a lot of weight, can make you more inclined to get gallstones. You will be less inclined to get gallstones if you take a long-term approach. Aim for a loss of half a kilogram a week while going for effective weight loss treatment will leave you in better shape.


This is a typical joint condition in the knees, hips or back. Carrying too many extra pounds puts excessive pressure on these joints and wears away the ligaments between them. Losing weight will relieve the pressure put on these joints and alleviate the pain.

Sleep Apnea

This is a breathing problem strongly connected to being overweight. Sleep apnea can make a person wheeze intensely and even stop breathing while resting. It may cause fatigue throughout the day and make coronary illness and stroke more likely.

Losing weight will not only allow you to look slimmer, but also let you feel better. Weighing less reduces the amount of pressure on your joints while also granting you greater levels of fitness. A study conducted revealed that for individuals with joint inflammation, losing 10% of their weight will halve the pain originating from their joints. As such, if you are reading this and want to lose weight, you should find the best weight loss programs in Singapore. However, here are some simple ways to start your weight loss journey.

  1. Plate Picks

Try choosing smaller plates to decrease the amount you eat. Plate sizes can unconsciously make you eat more than you should – a great many people eat and drink too much when served large portions of food. The colour of the plate may also affect how much you eat, as there have been studies that show a relationship between plate colour and the amount of food consumed. The study concluded that a bigger colour contrast between your food and plate makes you eat less.

  1. Try not to make supper your heaviest feast

Individuals who eat their biggest dinners later in the day lose less weight than individuals who eat their heaviest meals at an earlier time. Eating a heavy meal early in the evening gives your body time to digest it, preventing you from sleeping with an overly full stomach.

  1. Prepare for meals with water

Drinking water in advance of your meals discourages you from eating excess amounts of food. In any case, downing two glasses of water before eating will give you the feeling of fullness faster from the moment you begin to eat. This generally forces individuals to stop eating earlier. Using water can effectively aid your attempts at weight reduction.

  1. Sleep to Slim

Poor rest triggers your brain to towards consuming more food and staying up late at night encourages more desire for unnecessary nourishment. Individuals with insufficient rest are more likely to eat excessively. A lack of sleep can also lead to reduced production of leptin, a hormone which moderates your desire for food, making you more susceptible to overeating. Therefore, you should prioritise getting sufficient rest to prevent the build-up of unhealthy desires for more food.

  1. Combined Activity

Collaborate with friends or join a group that is also attempting to get in shape. Being a participant in a social group aiming to lose weight can give you more discipline to adhere to your weight loss program.

  1. Switch to Slim

Research has proposed that individuals eat less when they use their non-overwhelming hand, explaining that using their nondominant hand will force you to pay more attention to each bite. It’s likely you will eat slower using your nondominant hand. Eating slowly will give your stomach time to digest and signal to your mind that you have eaten enough, which can enable you to eat less.

  1. Concentrate on Your Food

Eat carefully by concentrating on and appreciating each bite. This can prevent you from eating carelessly. Individuals can reduce their day to day consumption by 300 calories by eating more gradually and giving their brain time to realise how full they feel.

  1. Move to Lose

Reducing your calorie intake can be an effective slimming treatment which enables you to get thinner. However, it causes a drop off in your metabolism rate. It’s smarter to consolidate physical action with nutritious eating routines to accomplish and maintain consistent weight loss.

Most of us want to lose weight for one reason or another. We can be trying to impress someone, trying to boost our own self-esteem by going down a size or simply trying to be a healthier individual. We can always find different approaches to losing weight that promise quick and noticeable results wherever we look. However, we should always take this information with a pinch of salt and identify the best weight loss methods.

If you are looking for the best and healthiest ways to lose weight, here are some things you should avoid doing.

Fasting or an extreme caloric deficit

There is a widespread misconception that fasting or an extremely restricted caloric consumption is the fastest way to lose excess baggage. In any case, what really occurs is that the metabolic rate drops, lowering the rate of which weight can be lost.

Diet Pills

Regardless of whether they’ve been prescribed by a medical practitioner or are of an over-the-counter variety, consuming diet pills for weight loss is not really recommended. There can be side effects that come with using diet pills.

Exercise machines

Late night TV is saturated with infomercials for these machines. Many individuals purchase these machines just to dispose of them after using them for a few days. These machines can cause muscle strain as they usually target a specific set of muscles, in turn leading to owners exhausting particular muscle groups in the search of quick results. Often, exercise machines that target abdominal muscles are the biggest culprits.

Food supplements promising to aid weight reduction

There are innumerable diet supplements which promise to prompt quick weight loss. However, many of these supplements might bring you nothing but unhealthy side effects.

Approach these items with caution as there is, for the most part, practically no solid proof behind the claims made by their manufacturers. Your personal well-being should be your principal consideration. You should check if it has been tested and if previous users have managed to achieve their desired results safely.

The following thing to take a closer look at the stated objective of the health supplement. Does it aim to address a particular aspect of your body, or does it promise to improve the overall condition of your body?

Losing weight doesn’t need to be troublesome. In the event it is, a lack of progress or results can make it very disheartening for you. Effective approaches to weight loss will not demand drastic changes in all facets of your life and lifestyle, nor will it promise and deliver instant results. Instead, it should take effect through small and sustained changes over a long period of time. An effective weight loss method should be scientifically backed and encourage your body to be capable of maintaining your weight loss independent of diet pills or health supplements. In any case, we all want to adhere to an effective weight loss treatment to avoid wasting our time or effort in a fruitless venture.