You have the right weight loss recipes and you have the perfect exercise program to make you lose weight. Are you still missing an ingredient to make your fight against weight loss a success? If you know what you need to do to lose weight but still aren’t doing it, the only ingredient you lack is the motivation to complete what you had started. Yes, weight loss is also about staying motivated. Here are some tips to help you to retain your enthusiasm throughout so that you can get back to shape within the targeted time.

Set A Realistic Short Term Goal

To keep your mind focused and to ensure you are on track set a short-term goal. Make sure that it is not the ‘reach for the sky’ type of goal. It has to be realistic and achievable by following healthy ways to weight loss. Having a far-fetched goal, gripping you at your throat, stretching, and pulling your muscles beyond the point of your endurance level will only make you come out of it sooner than you imagine. Never mind if it seems to take longer but remember, with possible goals set, you will very much be on road to successful weight loss.

Seek Professional Help

Instead of trying to do things on your own based on hearsay, it would be best to seek professional help. You can get yourself enrolled in some weight loss program so that you will be guided through it step by step. Since you pay your fees for the class, you will have no inclination to back out even if you go low on your motivation level.

Make Your Weight Loss Goals Public                        

If you want to succeed in your efforts at weight loss, you had better make your weight loss goal public. Tell your family and friends that you have decided to lose weight and share the details with them. Since you let it be known, you become committed to achieving your goal, as you would not want to look a failure in others’ eyes. Moreover, your family would be too willing to help you achieve your goal and if you ever try to reach for a second helping, you may find a hand to stop you from reaching it.

Look At The Slimmer Version Of You    

Paste one of your photos in which you were slimmer on the wall of your bedroom or by the side of your mirror or maybe in the kitchen or on the fridge door. Anything that makes you spend more time or anything that tempts you to go off track would be the right place to have your slimmer version posted. The more you look at it, the more determined you would be to get back the shape.

Keep Viewing The Outfit You Have Outgrown

Never put away the dresses you have outgrown. Select one of those dresses, which is very pretty and the one you loved most and hang it on a place where you will often see it. You can hang it in the room in which you exercise or by the side of your mirror so that you will be seeing it every time you change your dress. It would work at the psychological level. You were this size earlier and why can’t you get back to the size now?

Thank Yourself For All Your Efforts

Thanking yourself for the efforts you take to lose weight will work at your subconscious level. You will feel more energetic, more determined and more positive. Your positive attitude will help you stay motivated for weight loss.

Losing weight involves conscious efforts both at the physical and psychological level. Never hesitate to pat you on your back or give yourself some presents when you reach a target. Keep encouraging yourself; avoid all negative thoughts and those who can have a negative influence on you. Reaching your weight loss goal depends on how you weigh your needs. Since health is your topmost concern, there can never be a better motivation to lose weight.

It is known that regular exercise is one of the key factors, along with adequate rest and proper nutrition strategy, to lose weight. Exercise can be categorized into two types: strength training and endurance training. Strength training focuses to train your skeletal muscle; and often being performed by bodybuilder to increase the size and strength of their muscle. On the other hand, endurance training is the type which is suitable for those who would like to lose weight.

What is endurance training?

Endurance training is a type of training which enhances the capacity of human body to increase the efficiency of oxygen utilization to burn more fat during exercise. Due to this effect, endurance training is also termed as aerobic exercise. During endurance training, the ability of mitochondria to burn calorie will be enhanced; as more fat will be used during the exercise. Endurance training also helps to burn fat into energy faster than strength training.

What are the examples of endurance training?

There are several examples of endurance training, such as swimming, jogging, and cycling. All of them are beneficial for those who would like to lose weight if performed regularly.

Which one will help me to burn calorie faster?

You can do any of those endurance training. When you do endurance training, the intensity of the exercise can be measured by measuring MHR or Maximum Heart Rate. The best endurance training should be done in around 60 – 80% MHR. Slow jogging is termed as one of the best ways to burn your stored fat into calories to be used as a fuel to do the exercise.

Why slow jog is the best type of endurance training to lose weight?

When you do slow jog, your MHR will be around the range of 60 – 80%. The indication of this is that you are still able to converse but will not be able to sing properly. Performing aerobic exercise below this rate will burn calories slowly while performing aerobic exercise above this rate will burn carbohydrate instead of your stored fat. Therefore, slow jog is termed as the best aerobic exercise to lose weight.

Coconut milk is the white watery substance that is found inside the coconut. It is very rich in nutrients which keep the electrolyte balance in normal range. Coconut milk is both delicious and nutritious, but it is being more commonly used now not for these benefits alone, but also as a dairy substitute along with soy milk and rice milk. Patients suffering from lactose intolerance usually turn to one of these substitutes to avoid gastrointestinal discomfort that affects them when they consume milk or dairy products. Others are milk substitutes including coconut milk for search of a healthier alternative to milk which carries some saturated fat.

Coconut milk may be nutritious, but it certainly is not a weight loss friendly milk substitute. Coconut milk and its products are considered both high calorie foods and high fat content foods. Fats constitute 20% of coconut milk which is a huge percentage as compared to cow milk which carries 3% fat. Coconut milk contains medium-chain fatty acids and lauric acid which is responsible for raising cholesterol level in the blood. The high cholesterol has a bad impact on the cardiovascular system.

Various studies have showed that each cup of coconut milk contains about 550 calories. High calorie content in addition to the high fat content stimulates weight gain in the body, especially in the adipose tissues. Each cup of coconut milk contains about 52.5 grams of fat, 46.5 grams of which is saturated type of fat. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, coconut milk provides the body with 250% of its daily saturated fat requirements, which is a very large percentage especially if the coconut milk is consumed on regular basis as a dairy substitute.

The saturated fat has been linked to many diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Coconut milk also contains approximately 25 grams of sugar per cup. That large amount of sugar is converted in the body to fat, also increasing the weight. People who regularly consumed coconut milk were found to have raised level of low density lipoproteins (LDL) to about 12 %.

Several studies proved that green tea and its extract can result in accountable increase in weight loss and energy expenditure, along with anticancer properties of green tea. There is scientific evidence that green tea increases metabolic rate by 4-10 % of basal metabolic rate.

How green tea helps in weight loss

There are multiple mechanisms by which green tea helps in fast weight loss:

  1. Green tea acts as an appetite suppressant that makes you eat less.
  2. Green tea increases your metabolism which helps to burn more calories, hence food intake is decreased by appetite suppressant action and stored calories are burnt by increasing metabolism. Both of them effects together in fast weight loss.
  3. Green tea acts as a glucose regulator which means green tea extracts prevent glucose uptake by fat cells, in this way glucose is not stored in fat cells and the amount of fat is not increased even with high carbohydrate intake
  4. Green tea decreases the release of carbohydrates and this leads to the utilization of fats for energy. Hence, it decreases fat stores.
  5. Green tea has a potent diuretic activity which removes excessive water from your body and decreases water weight of the body.
  6. Evidence based studies proved that 35 – 45 % of body fat can be burnt during the day when you consume 3 – 5 cups of green tea.
  7. Research studies show that when you take green tea every day for three months your loss of body fat will be more than those who take regular tea.
  8. Green tea reduces the fat stored under the skin and belly if consumed continuously.

Many studies show that people who consume green tea for more than 10 years has a very small amount of fat in their body especially in subcutaneous tissue and in belly as compared to those who don’t take green tea or those who consume regular tea.


From all the above given mechanisms and evidences it is clear that regular use of green tea helps in fast weight loss, increases metabolism i.e. thermogenic effect, decreases body stores of fats, decrease glucose uptake into fat cells, decrease utilization of glucose for energy and increases utilization of fats for energy purposes, and possess a strong diuretic effect by which it causes the secretion of large amounts of water from the kidneys and reduces water weight of the body. Hence, it is very obvious that continuous use of green tea helps to lose weight fast.