Weight loss can be a challenging achievement, and to be able to achieve it requires a great level of motivation and persistent effort. What’s more, having an idle and desk-bound lifestyle along with the plenteous amount of food available makes the weight loss process arduous.

But, there are methods and programs that people use to shed the excess weight. A healthy weight is vital for good health. There are also weight loss programs and slimming centres in Singapore that can help you with your weight loss plans.

Below, we’ll share some tips that you can use to reduce the extra weight and get rid of it permanently.

Being Ready for the Change

To be able to reduce weight one should be truly dedicated and committed to making all the changes to their routine that would be necessary to shed the extra pounds. Losing weight requires a person to make some sacrifices and stick to them, as it is a process that permeates every level of your lifestyle.

Set a Realistic Goal

The second step on your weight loss journey to calculate the weight loss that would work and be healthy for your body type. For this, you need to learn about your Body Mass Index (BMI) and plan out your calorie intake based on that. Setting up short-term goals adds to the motivation needed to keep you on the track towards the long-term goals.

Prepare a Healthy Meal Plan

Set up a balanced meal plan that allows you to have a range of foods in moderation. Make your weight loss easier by adding to your diet the foods that help in this process. Some of these high-protein foods are tuna, salmon and chicken breast. Add leafy greens too including spinach, kale, cabbage and broccoli as they have a low level of carbohydrates but are super rich in fibre. Processed foods that have a high level of fat and added sugar should strictly be cut out of the diet.

Be Physically Active

Exercise helps in accelerating the entire weight loss process. But, by simply adding more movement to one daily routine could also help in shedding the excess pounds. Anything that increases your heart rate like walking is a good physical activity. One could start off by adding a moderate activity of at least 150 minutes a week to the life and gradually working your way up it. Switch to an active routine by making small but impactful changes like take a flight of stairs instead of hopping on to an elevator.

Build a Social Support System

Losing weight can be a tedious challenge, which makes it very difficult to stay motivated along the journey. Form a network of friends, family and work colleagues that you could be a part of this weight loss journey with you. Having the practical support of people in the form of exercise buddies or healthy-food shopping mate would help you a lot in staying on track. Regular emotional encouragement could also have a positive and strong impact in boosting your dedication and determination about the whole weight loss process.

All the above-mentioned simple tips are very helpful and not only effective in helping to reduce weight but also aid in keeping it off permanently.

TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine has gained immense popularity in Singapore over the decades. In the Traditional Chinese medicine practice, the practitioners not only recommend diet plans and exercises, but also suggest some specific herbs to consume which can help in controlling the fat. A few of the significant and useful herbs recommended by the TCM physicians are as follows:

  1. Radix Isatidis (Ban Lan Gen):  This herb is specifically used to heat the body. In the cold, a lot of Chinese families use this herb as medicine to protect the body from cold so that they won’t fall ill from the cold.
  2. Wolfiporia Extensa (Fu Ling): This herb performs many functions in the body. It improves the body weight, controls the appetite. It also improves the function of the liver and kidney.
  3. Hawthorn (Shan Zha): Controls cholesterol and remove the deposited fats from the arteries which improve the blood flow within the body. It also reduces the risk of heart failure.
  4. Honeysuckle Flower (Jin Yin Hua): Reduces the heat level of the body and removes toxins from the body. This herb boosts the immune system of the body and buffs the immune system to fight against illnesses.
  5. Fructus Forsythiae Fruit (Lian Qiao): It helps to diminish the appetite so you won’t over-eat. This will affect the working of the stomach. Most TCM practitioners recommend this herb in case of the abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhoea so that the pressure on the stomach will lessen.
  6. Lotus Leaf (He Ye): This herb is most frequently used the herb in TCM for weight loss. This removes the acidity from the body, cool the blood flow and heal wounds more frequently and efficiently.
  7. Malt (Mai Ya): this herb in other word known as the good digestive herb. This herb also improves the digestive system of the body and increase the appetite.
  8. Orange Peel (Chen Pi):  Removes the dead skin cell from the body. Promote the urination through which the extra water will easily be removed from the body, due to this the fat are also burn, and weight is also lost.
  9. Safflower (Hong Hua): Effectively reduce the abdominal fats if regularly included in our diet. Also known as a detoxification herb in the TCM practice.
  10.  Silktree Albizzia Flower (He Huan Hua): This herb helps to stimulate effective blood flow within the body. Mostly used for the treatment of rheumatism, stomach upset, uterine bleeding.

In a nutshell, all the herb mentioned above affect the body positively, one way or another. So, other than a proper diet intake and exercise, these herbs are also used by the traditional Chinese physicians to reduce weight and to control body fat. For proper and effective working of all bodily organs, extra care and good food are required to have better output from the body.

Keto Diet is basically a diet that prescribes low carbohydrates, medium protein and is enriched with high fat. This diet helps one’s body to get in to ketosis, which helps with fat and weight loss. As a result, many weight loss programs prescribe one to follow a keto diet. Here are some of the benefits of this diet.

  • When someone adopts the keto diet, his or her body will experience a fall in sugar and insulin levels, which helps in weight loss. This drop in sugar level brings the water level down, and due to that the fat in the body starts to be released. The released fat enters the blood stream, goes into the liver and is converted into ketones, which supplies the body with the energy it needs.
  • Keto diet helps to control appetite. Bad eating habits and cravings lead to weight gain. This diet only allows you to eat at the set period within the day so that no extra or high calorie food is eaten, effectively helping you with regulating your weight.
  • Our mental focus is also affected by the food we eat, so a keto diet helps to maintain our mental stability and removes the clouds in our minds. As this diet reduces the carb intake, our brain can work more efficiently and effectively.
  • Keto is the complete diet if the person follows it as prescribed by their nutritionist. The food of this diet comprises of whole foods that help the body to perform its functions both physically and internally in the best manner.
  • Taking proper and complete food restrains the body from many diseases. Keto specially protect the body from type II diabetes. Keto diet removes the sugar from our food, which lowers the HbA1c count and minimises the chance of the Type II diabetes.
  • The Keto diet is typically effective in controlling the blood pressure level of the body. People following the keto diet can worry less about high blood pressure levels as the diet optimises blood pressure levels.

In a nutshell, the Keto diet is a game changer for the many people who use it. It is not only the diet to loss weight but also the complete lifestyle that if adopted, will change our lives in better and effective ways. So, following a complete and healthy diet will give the both mental and physical efficiency and performance levels. One can perform the daily function of their lives in better and more effective ways. Also, it helps us stay away from many problematic diseases. Another alternative is TCM. TCM, or Traditional Chinese Medicine, is an authentic weight loss procedure where TCM professionals use herbs and some body practices to cure diseases and maintain a healthy lifestyle. In Singapore, we offer practitioners that specialise TCM weight loss services.

The best way to manage your weight is to maintain a healthy diet and food intake. By eating a healthy and nutritious diet, one can remain fit and healthy. In Singapore, most of the people control their weight by adopting a balanced and complete diet together with frequent exercise. There are also quite a number of slimming centres and weight loss programs available. If you’re looking to lose weight, we have nine essential tips on how you can do it safely and healthily through your dieting.

The nine most essential eating tips that help to manage the weight is as follows:

  1. Eat a high protein breakfast. This will reduce the craving of the food and calories throughout the day. High protein breakfast mostly includes boiled eggs, avocados, peanut butter and jam sandwiches, overnight oats, cottage cheese, vanilla chia pudding and many more.
  2. Try to avoid intakes of any soft drink as it is a significant cause of the weight gain. Instead, drink fresh fruit juices that will give more energy and is more nutritious.
  3. Try to drink a half a glass of water before every meal. According to many researchers, drinking the water before every meal will help you to rehydrate your body and progressively lose weight.
  4. Eat foods that help to reduce weight. In other words, try to intake weight loss-friendly foods. Eggs, boiled potatoes, soups, and more that are full of nutritional value should be incorporated into your diet and eaten in moderation.
  5. Limit consumption to one cup of coffee and tea in a day as they both contain the caffeine in it which help the body to improve the metabolic system of the body. It’s essential to limit them as too much caffeine can cause spikes in blood pressure and also lead to weight gain.
  6. Try to intake whole or unprocessed food item in the diet. They are healthier as they don’t contain a preservative or increased levels of sugar, allowing you to absorb only the beneficial nutrients.
  7. Try to eat food slowly by chewing them until they are easy to swallow. You should not rush eating as bigger chunks of food may not be able to be digested well, which can lead to it being added only as fat.
  8. Weigh yourself frequently. A proper and healthy diet should allow you to lose weight gradually. Many studies reported that weighing yourself every second day will help you to reduce weight more efficiently and also helps to maintain that weigh for an extended period of time.
  9. Good night sleep is one of the best ways to manage weight. Poor sleep increases more risk factor of weight gain. So, taking a full sleep of a minimum of 8 hours so that body can perform its functions properly enables your body to be more active and healthy during the daytime.

In a nutshell, correcting our diet and eating habits is already half of the weight loss battle won. It’s essential to have a proper and complete meal every day that contains all the essential elements required for the proper functioning of the body. Additionally, a good and consistent exercise routine along with proper sleep can also reduce the risk of weight gain.