Who here hasn’t eaten a bit too much in one seating? Most of us have. In fact, in certain and rare occasions, we’re all guilty of eating our own body weight in calories while drowning it all out with our favourite sugary beverage.

Christmas time, for example, is one of the most infamous occasions were people tend to overeat. Perhaps it’s because of the festivities in Christmas that the ever-so-enduring New Year’s resolution to lose weight is so common among nearly everybody.

Most of us probably know that the secret to losing weight is to eating a balanced and healthy diet, as well as regular exercise. But, can you really blame those who’re looking for a quicker, and yet still healthy alternative? Besides, even if you have a balanced diet and exercise regularly, sometimes, you really just want to don that bikini just in time for your beach vacation, which is why alternatives must be sought.

One of those said alternatives is TCM slimming.

Whether you’re looking for a quick way to shed off some pounds without necessarily putting too much effort in the gym, or you need help losing weight faster, this slimming treatment will be able to help you weigh a whole lot less.

What does the slimming treatment do?

TCM slimming works by, not just focusing on you losing weight, but also helping you maintain that elusive figure that you have always wanted. How? By helping you make drastic yet realistic changes to your lifestyle, including your diet, in addition to using traditional Chinese medicine.

What’s also great about this treatment is that you can also just target specific problem areas. This includes your thighs, wings, tummy, and even your cellulite.

How does TCM Slimming work?

This method of losing weight incorporates principles derived from traditional Chinese medicine, using premium herbs to create botanical concoctions that help you lose weight without putting your health at risk. It is one of the best weight loss program that is all-natural with sustainable results so you can be healthier while achieving desired weight.

Many of these herbs used have scientifically been proven to help in weight loss, among other things. They include licorice root (gancao), codonopsis root (dangshen), and poria (fuling). Your TCM slimming specialist will provide the appropriate herbal prescription for the treatment.

These herbs are then used along with specialized suction tools, as well as acupuncture, improve circulation of Qi across the body. This helps in the removal of body toxins and stimulation of digestive system to improve metabolism.

What are other noteworthy benefits of TCM treatment?

– Lower appetite, leading to you eating less without necessarily starving your body of much-needed nutrients and minerals.

– Curbed food cravings so you don’t end up eating little things every now and then, which are one of the main culprits of weight gain over time.

– Balanced digestion that leads to you feeling more satisfied after every meal.

– Prevents stress eating.

– Increased metabolic rate to help increase the efficiency of cells in burning fat, as well as energy, for your body.

– Promotes better digestion to reduce toxicity in your body and makes it easier for unwanted by-products to be expelled

In an effort to lose weight fast, you may settle for diets whose background information you are not fully aware of. An eating plan which becomes popular too quickly is a fad diet. In most cases, this diet will promise dramatic, and often unrealistic results as far as weight loss is concerned.

As much as we hate to admit it, this type of eating plan always pries on people’s willingness to impulsively experiment on anything and everything new, especially when they are promised reduced risk of diseases such as heart problems and diabetes.

Why are fad diets popular?

As much as it is continually said that fad diets are not effective for you, it has been proven that they provide some results rather quickly. Their popularity is due to the fact that they yield quick results in the short term. However, they are not necessarily beneficial in the long term. Consequently, people on this diet may lose weight at first, but end up gaining back this weight (or even much more) in the long term.

How should you deal with fad diets?

The desire for instant gratification is a disease for humans. You may sometimes think that it is intricately embedded in our genes. Nevertheless, the ability to deal with instant gratification is the right attitude for dealing with fad diets.

Alarm signs for fad diets

It really takes a lot of effort to gain weight. Besides, it may take even more effort to lose the weight you have gained. For this reason, it is best to avoid diets that promise you continuous loss of as much as 2kg every week. Weight loss should be progressive and takes time to yield beneficial outcomes.

Besides, you should make an effort to shun all eating plans that seem too good to be true. As is common with fad diets, eating plans such as these often make promises that are unrealistic. One classic example is an eating plan that promises weight loss even if you don’t give up foods that are rich in calories.

You should also be wary about diet plans that are only based on singular scientific research which looks too complex. In most cases, you may find that such studies are misinterpreted and the claims by these diet plans may not be entirely true.


Fad diets are not the ideal diet plans for weight loss. Although they may yield quick results, they are not the go-to eating plans if you want long-term benefits. Besides, fad diets are usually less tried and tested. They don’t have sufficient evidence to back their claims. This means that you may not know exactly how your body will respond to these changes in diet.

You should always seek a professional or a specialist who knows about the best weight loss programs in Singapore as they are more credible. One such treatment is using the techniques of TCM slimming which provides to be a more reliable and trusted solution in losing weight and improve your overall well-being.

It has been echoed in several cultures that when you want to lose weight, TCM slimming treatments can help you achieve your goal by boosting your chances of success. Chinese medicine is the use of herbal medicine, as well as body and mind practices such as tai chi and acupuncture to help improve the health of an individual.

In TCM, everything revolves around balance with the natural laws. As far as weight is concerned, TCM slimming posits that weight gain is due to an imbalance in the consumption, digestion, absorption and transportation of food in the body.

Consequently, your body ends up accumulating some sort of dampness which manifests as weight gain. The goal of TCM slimming is to help eliminate this dampness using the various TCM methods and here’s how.

Major on foods with special flavours

The guidelines for traditional Chinese medicine posit that those foods which taste bitter and sour, and have pungent smells are the ones beneficial for weight loss which those that smell sweet, taste sweet or salty and have a lot of fat can lead to weight gain.

These herbal remedies initiate several biochemical processes in the body which helps you burn excess fat and lose weight. However, you should be wary of herbal medications. Use a little amount initially to find out how your body responds to the treatment before you escalate the dosage.

Manage your stress and insomnia using acupuncture

Contemporary studies with clinical-based evidence have linked stress and lack of sleep to weight gain. In more ways than one, lack of sleep adds stress to the body.

When your body is stressed, the stress hormone cortisol, is produced in large amounts. This hormone is a potent appetite inducer and explains the reason why some people eat a lot of junk when they are stressed, a condition called stress eating.

Acupuncture has been the go-to TCM weight loss remedy for insomnia and stress. Consider getting this procedure form a professional to help boost the levels of feel-good hormones in your body which will relieve your stress and boost your sleep.

Consider ear acupressure to reduce your cravings for food

Auricular acupuncture is a subset of Chinese medicine that has been associated with profound weight loss. it involves the manipulation of certain parts of the ear that are believed to control cravings for food. This can help reduce your appetite and contribute to your slimming journey.

Use herbs that can help with weight loss

There are herbs that are known to boost metabolism, suppress appetite and burn excess body fat. You can also buy over-the-counter Chinese formulations. Just make sure that you purchase these products from a trusted vendor for you to get the most genuine products.


Traditional Chinese medicine is beneficial for those who are considering slimming. There are several factors that come to play to ensure that you achieve your goal. But just like other therapeutic procedures that require professional skills, you should only obtain services of traditional Chinese medicine from practitioners who are qualified. This reduces your chances of complications especially when you are considering invasive procedures like acupuncture.

What do you do when you realize that you need to lose weight but you don’t have the time to beast up in the gym? Here come slimming treatments that will help you flatten your tummy, make your things a little firmer and also help reduce the fat in your body.

Find out more about 3 of the most popular body treatments in Singapore that people are enthusiastic about:

1. Fat melting procedure

This procedure is also known as lunchtime lipo and involves heating and bursting fat cells in the body using ultrasound. The liquid fat cells are now called triglycerides which your body eliminates using the normal usually biological methods.

The procedure has the advantage of being painless and is known to be very relaxing because the ultrasound machine has a massage head. It helps to remove some localized area of fat that has been bothering you and help you achieve the ideal figure by eliminating excess fat.

2. Svelt system cream

This procedure involves the use of a cream which is applied to the areas you think are problematic. After application, the cream is then massaged gently to help in tackling fatty zones, cellulite and loose skin.

This formula was developed to help restore and/or boost the elasticity of the skin. It also reduces the bumps on the skin and makes your skin have a silky-smooth appearance. It works following a regular application and is one of the few treatments for slimming fast without requiring so much muscle and time.

3. TCM slimming

This TCM slimming technique is a detox procedure that helps tone your skin and drain excess fluid from your body. It is used mostly for tackling cellulite and to shape your hips and thighs. The procedure is done by a therapist who uses slimming techniques to increase circulation of Qi all over the body.

The technique is effective and convenient though it may be ticklish or uncomfortable to some. It helps to reduce water tension, detox the body of toxins and enhance overall metabolism, which can support your weight loss journey.

At Slim Couture, you can lose weight healthily and maintain long-lasting results without worrying about negative side effects. We specialise in TCM slimming that offer the best weight loss program for you while improving your overall well-being.