Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) studies the relationship between having healthy internal organs and the overall well-being of a person.

Instead of opting for unhealthy dieting methods such as crash diets or taking slimming pills, why not try TCM slimming techniques? TCM slimming makes use of healthy slimming techniques that have zero dangerous potential side effects prevalent in other dieting methods.

Additionally, while the results from taking slimming supplements and crash dieting are quickly noticeable, such effects are usually not as long-lasting as compared to the results that can be seen from TCM slimming techniques. Such techniques are applied to the Divine SlimTM program.

Try Slim Couture’s signature treatment — Divine SlimTM today and lose weight healthily without having to worry about any negative side effects!

Slim Couture offers a money-back guarantee on the results of your weight loss. That is our promise to ensure you fully get what you paid for.

Specialized Techniques 

1. Guasha (刮痧), also known as “skin scraping therapy”, uses special apparatus to attain preventive or therapeutic effects. Better metobolism will be attained as Guasha simulates blood flow, leading to increased blood circulation.

2. In-house specialized suction tools – Suction tools are placed on the body to improve the circulation of Qi across the body. This procedure has been known to eliminate water tension, remove body toxins, simulate the digestive system and therefore trigger overall increased metabolism.


The team of experts at Slim Couture will be available to offer you post-treatment help to ensure that you have constant support even after your treatment.

They will advice you on your diet and nutrition by providing you with a comprehensive diet plan to ease you through the challenging process of having to watch what you eat.

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