Your fitness level is determined by the intensity of exercise your body can endure on a regular basis. And improving this level for weight loss or general health benefits will indeed require some time, meticulous planning and loads of patience. Plunging headlong into a rigorous exercise regime is hardly the way to go. The body needs time to adjust to the increased stress and strain. Besides, other factors like wrong equipment, wrong footwear and incorrect posture can also compromise the safety of your fitness regime. Here are some tips and guidelines on exercising safely and also for losing weight sustainably over a period of time.

The presence of a personal trainer is critical

A personal trainer is a fitness specialist. He or she is the right person to guide you about your attire, footwear, technique and posture. You may also need additional support in the form of knee guards, elbow protectors and the likes. Your trainer will advise on the same. A professional will mix up the exercise types just right and will also stop you from going overboard. Right guidance will prevent injuries and health problems.

The importance of warm up and cool down cannot be stressed enough

Before you start full blown activity, it is important to allow your body to warm up over a period of 10 to 15 minutes of moderate exercise. This enhances the blood flow in the system, increases the temperature of the muscles and peps up the breathing rate, preparing the body for the stress it will be subjected to.

Similarly, cooling down is important for normalizing the system and regularizing breathing. Stopping all of a sudden could be detrimental for the body.

The magic of a good stretch

Warm ups and cool down sessions should be essentially followed by a good stretch. These should be performed slowly and without any overt pressure. You need to relax during performing stretches and hold it. Make sure you are at ease. If a stretch proves to be strenuous or hurtful, you might be overdoing it. Your trainer will be the best person to guide you.

Listening to your body

Weight loss should be an objective. Being obsessed about it is only going to lead to desperation. When you exercise, your body bears the brunt of it all. Check for signals like extreme breathing discomfort, intense fatigue, giddiness or nausea. Stop immediately. Refrain from exercising when you are sick, not feeling up to it or experiencing intense muscle pains or joint aches.

Water: The Magic Potion

Drink plenty of water before your workout schedule. Keep sipping on water and electrolytes, during the course of your workout as well. Keeping hydrated will not only help in maintaining your energy levels but will also keep joints hydrated and flexible. Water is also necessary for regulating the heart rate during the course of the workout.

If weight loss is your only aim, exercising is not the only option at hand. There are traditional Chinese medicines available for slimming that delivers results with zero side effects. You can resort to them along with a moderate workout regime for faster and safer weight reduction.


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Come winter, and your entire collection of warm coats, jackets and sweaters comes tumbling out of the closet. While piling on warm clothing is indeed effective in beating the chill, all the additional layers can make you appear bulkier than you are. The challenge here is to feel warm without adding extra bulk to your frame.

Winters are known to cause actual weight gain as well. Workouts become difficult in the chilly climate and all the Christmas festivities only compound the problem furthermore. If you are witnessing an actual increase in weight, slimming treatments should be undertaken for keeping a check. As for looking slimmer and sexier in winter clothing, here are some useful tips .

Thermal Inners will Do the Trick for You

Begin your layering with well fitted, suitably ventilated thermal inners. Good-quality ones generally keep you warm even in the coldest of climate. As a result, you can skip an additional layer of woolens and still beat the chill. The fewer the layers the slimmer you look. Besides, thermal inners also act as shape-wear during winter season. Well fitted ones hold the loose layers of fat firmly to the body, lending a slim and well toned look. In case you do not prefer thermal inners, wearing cotton shape-wear is also an option.

Invest in High Quality Woolens

Investing in high quality woolens like a cashmere pullover is a great idea. A single pullover or sweater will keep you as warm as a couple of ordinary woolens will do. The warmer your clothes, the fewer you will need to pile on, and the slimmer you are likely to appear. A warm cashmere shawl can also perk up your look and make you appear lean. It sticks to your body beautifully, not adding any bulk to your frame. Shop intelligently for this. Buying costly woolens at the end of a summer sale when winter clothing is a lot cheaper is a great idea.

Stick to Dark Colors

Whereas, all your winter clothing does not necessarily have to be black, it is wise to stick to darker hues for a slim look. Popular colors would be cherry red, charcoal grey, chocolate brown and the likes. If the look appears monotonous, consider pairing it up with a colorful scarf or a bright colored hat or muffler.

Never Skip the High Heeled Boots and Waist Belt

Combining your winter ensemble with high heeled boots will add a few inches to your height, making you appear thinner and more graceful. Also consider a belt around your waist for highlighting your flaunt worthy hips! And if you think your midriff needs some cutting down, potent slimming treatments are available too.

Open Coats are a Hit

Complementing your winter look with an open coat can also make you appear tall and lean. Choose a color that suits your inners. If you have chosen a completely black inner, pick a coat with a combination shade, like light yellow for instance.

Striking the killer look during winters is also about highlighting the positives and playing down the negatives. Seek advice from stylists, if necessary.

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Diet pills and easily available; and it is very tempting to believe what they claim to offer. They promise quick results with minimum efforts. You do not have to exercise regularly, fight your craving for junk foods, maintain a healthy diet, or visit a slimming center. All you need is to take some pills every day until you achieve your weight loss goal. Do they really work? Yes, some of them actually do, but the results are not sustainable, in most cases. Some pills even trigger several negative side effects. Before you decide on whether to use diet pills for weight loss, here are some important things to know.

How they work

There are different types of diet pills, with each of them working differently. Some pills stimulate the central nervous system to give a false sense of fullness in the stomach, while others help limit the amount of fat the body absorbs from foods. There another type that helps improve the body’s calorie burning capacity. One thing common in all is that they cause several harmful effects.

Physical effects

Long-term use of diet pills makes you susceptible to heart diseases and high blood pressure. According a recent study, regular consumption of these pills for some time makes one six times more prone to primary pulmonary hypertension. Some common symptoms of this disease include breathing difficulty, palpitations, and even a heart attack.


Most medical experts are skeptical about the tall claims made by slimming pill manufacturers. Once you start using the pills, you’ll not only discover how futile they are, but may also develop an addition to them. Some pills contain addictive elements. So taking them for some time make you addicted to them. You may feel uncomfortable or unwell after you stop using them.

Minor side effects

As already mentioned, some diet pills work by blocking fat absorption from foods. As a result, your body may not get even the necessary amount of fat, despite you having the right foods. This could cause you to suffer from vitamin deficiency and diseases like diarrhea. Other common side effects include headache, dry mouth, and a feeling of restlessness. Some patients may even experience lack of sleep and indigestion problems.

Major side effects

A lot of the side effects of diet pills go away once you stop taking the pills. However, if you take the pills for a long time, you may experience some major side effects. For instance, the feeling of restlessness may persist even after you stop taking the pills. Even worse, you may have other symptoms, such as, dizziness and insomnia, along with the feeling of irritation. If not treated with care, some patients may even experience respiratory failure, renal failure, and stroke. Some other serious side effects include acute chest pain, and convulsions. Do not neglect early treatment. Make sure you consult an experienced doctor as and when you experience any of these side effects.

If you want to lose weight without any risk or side effects, consider visiting a slimming center that specializes in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Slimming.

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Maintaining your weight loss essentially means battling a system that is habituated to gaining lost weight. The transition from losing weight to maintaining it should be very seamless. Secondly, it is easy to maintain your goal weight when you make exercise a part of your life. This is because a hormone called leptin, informs the brain about the loss of fat stores, making you prone to quick weight gain. Here are some ways to maintain weight loss.

Accompany someone

Just like any successful venture, a weight loss program succeeds earlier when you find the right company. Find a workout buddy to accompany you to the slimming centre. Support is not limited to workout buddies. Have an active social circle and keep them posted about your progress.

Couples and friends, who lose weight together, maintain the weight loss for longer. Share your workouts, diet plans, and maintenance with your community. You will be accountable to family and friends and will be driven to maintain weight loss.

Get proper sleep

People who don’t sleep enough are likely to compensate for the tiredness by eating more in the day. Furthermore, they usually make high-calorie choices. Tiredness during the day also leads to loss of energy for physical activity.

Loss of sleep also affects appetite. Consequently, those who get less than 7 hours of sleep are more likely to be overweight. Cultivate a culture of sleeping on time at home and maintain weight loss easily.

Track your progress meticulously

Tracking the progress of your weight loss program is important. 75% of successful weight loss maintainers weigh themselves at least once a week. This is necessary to know if you have gained weight. This can help you get your weight back to the ideal mark in time.

However, fluctuations are common, and it is important not to feel de-motivated just because you have gained a pound. Avoid watching your weight every day and underestimating your self-worth.

Try alternative slimming methods

Singaporeans are increasingly trusting methods like Traditional Chinese Medicine to maintain their weight loss. TCM slimming involves a combination of holistic healing techniques that keep lifestyle diseases at bay, too. Make techniques like cupping, acupressure, and acupuncture, a part of your weight loss program.
TCM slimming can be beneficial because it works on the principle of restoring the body’s qi balance. Long-term obesity is also brought about by dampness, which Traditional Chinese Medicine rids the body of.

Bring more activity in your daily life

This can be done in a number of ways. You can start off by limiting your screen time. No matter whether it is your computer, TV, or phone, cut it down to half. The average person has the tendency to munch on foods full of empty calories while in front of the screen. Try to spend more time outdoors and offer to do chores. Make exercise a part of your life and have fitness idols so that the weight loss is long term.

Above all, be persistent in your efforts to maintain the results of your weight loss program. It is natural to break out of your schedule and eat without restraint occasionally. Get back to the old ways as soon as possible.


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