If you’re seeking to shed off some pounds, juices are not necessarily the best idea. However, smoothies may well be your weight-loss secret. Indeed, smoothies can be part of your lasting weight loss strategy but only when blended right.

Nutritionists agree that adding a nutrient-rich smoothie as part of your daily diet could help prevent weight gain by suppressing hunger and enhancing body muscle mass. You can get all the nutrients you need in one glass of smoothie without necessarily blending anything in excess. Once you know which ingredients to use, you will be better placed to include a right blend of protein, healthy fats, complex carbs, and vitamins to form a balanced smoothie.

Apart from the basics, you can blend in powerhouse ingredients that increase the dietary value of your smoothie without incorporating extra calories. Remember, calorie-heavy beverages are the enemy of weight loss. You can blend in elements that accelerate your metabolic rate, fill you up for longer and give you more energy.

Read on and start losing those pounds.

Chocolate milkshake smoothie

A chocolate smoothie offers low-calorie intake. On the flipside, it provides a good percentage of protein as well as filling fiber. The protein serves to build your lean muscles while the filling fiber keeps you full all morning.

Chia berry smoothie

This is another delicious and nutrient-rich smoothie. The addition of chia seeds provides more protein, fiber, and thickness to your smoothie. Moreover, you also benefit from healthy antioxidants found in the mixture.

Apple-cinnamon smoothie

A blend of apple and cinnamon produces a thick and tasty smoothie that is bound to keep you full for hours. Plus, it takes almost no time to prepare, which means you can prepare it on one of those days you have a busy schedule and feel full for the better part of the day.

Debloating Papaya smoothie

There are those days that you feel overstuffed. As such, you can make a debloating papaya smoothie. It is packed with enzymes which boost digestion in your body as well as potassium to help clean out surplus sodium. After taking this smoothie, you’ll feel somewhat lighter and relief from the feeling of being bloated.

Pineapple and Kale flat belly smoothie

Did you go out and overindulge in all sorts of foods and drinks? The feeling of overindulgence can carry over to the next few days. You can get rid of that feeling by preparing a made of pineapple and kale. It can help you forget your indulgences. It will help get rid of excess gas in your stomach and re-energise you.

Sweet spinach smoothie

This tasty green smoothie is made of ingredients such as fiber, protein, and calcium. Apart from suppressing your hunger, it helps to burn body fat. Plus, spinach has low or zero calories.

Banana bread smoothie

The problem with pastries is that they contain high amounts of calories. So what alternative do you have?  Well, consider something low in calories. Fortunately, a banana bread smoothie will soon make you forget about your morning pastries. Not only is it tasty, but it offers a significant amount of fiber, protein, healthy fats and so on. If you have a busy schedule ahead and need to stock up, this smoothie is perfect for you.

Almond berry smoothie

It is made up of a blend of almond butter and strawberries. These ingredients provide a good amount of calories, proteins, and fiber in the smoothie. As such, it makes a tasty and filling meal to enjoy especially if you have enrolled in a weight loss program in Singapore.

Metabolism boosting smoothie

The higher your metabolic rate, the more calories and fats will be constantly burnt which translates to weight loss. So what can you take to speed up your metabolic rate? Consider a metabolism boosting smoothie consisting of Greek yoghurt high in calcium, broccoli, almonds, spicy cinnamon and high-fiber strawberries.

Strawberry spinach smoothie

If you want to build up your muscle mass, consider preparing a protein-packed strawberry spinach smoothie.

Dancing is a great way to make your heart pump more blood through your body. When your blood circulation is in its best state, the amount of nutrients that are being transported throughout your whole system is sufficient to keep your body going. Aside from these reasons, dancing is a great cardio work out that burns plenty of calories.

However, dancing your heart out is not the only method you should use when you are trying to lose weight. Weight loss programs that involve dancing should also include into their regimen proper dieting to achieve optimum results.

Selecting the best dance workout routine also varies depending on the person’s body and its physical capacity. Also, the target weight loss per week should also be taken into consideration.

While dancing can definitely lead to weight loss, it is still important to take note of the tips we have made for you!

Set your goals.

Before even starting any weight loss program or slimming treatment, it is important to know and set your goals. For example, determine how much weight you want to lose over a month. Keep in mind that there is a predetermined number of pounds that you should be losing in a week to consider yourself losing weight healthily. About one to three pounds, or below a kilogram, of weight loss per week, is considered to be healthy.

Monitor what you eat.

Exercising alone contributes to weight loss but the results may not happen in your targeted time period. Incorporating your workout routine with a sensible diet and food choices would really add to your weight loss journey and results will probably be seen in a much shorter time frame. Monitoring what you eat can also make you feel more conscious about yourself. Calorie counting is the best way to keep yourself from eating unnecessary foods that are high in caloric value and sugar content. Eyeing your calorie intake produces a much more favorable result than simply eating whatever you want.

Watch dance videos.

If you are on a tight budget and want to start working out in the comfort of your own homes, there are various video streaming sites available on the Internet where you can source dance videos from. People commonly use YouTube as the main medium to search for dance work out routines, and there are actually a ton of them available there. Dance work out videos are perfect choices for those who want to save up money, instead of attending a dance class or exercising at the gym.

Believe that you can do it.

Nothing is perfect the first time that you do it. Losing weight can be trial and error, however, there is no need for you to be afraid if you think you have messed up. You can always start again from the beginning and if you are struggling to do so, just remember the reason why you started and your goals in losing weight.

Many people have adopted the habit of drinking a glass of lemon water every morning. The major reason cited for this health-related habit is that lemon water is a detoxification agent, which means it stimulates the body’s cleansing process and cleans out toxins. Unknown by many people, however, is that lemon water also boasts of weight loss capabilities.

This means that, in addition to other weight loss measures such as physical exercise, a health diet and adequate sleep, drinking lemon water is one of the latest entrants in the world of weight loss tools. Far from being a myth, drinking lemon water every morning will complement your weight loss attempts.

So what is lemon water? It’s simply some lemon juice mixed with water. It may be served either hot or cold depending on one’s preferences. So how does lemon water supplement your weight loss program? Read on for more insight.

Crank up metabolism

Your metabolic rate is defined as the speed at which your body burns fat and calories for energy. Drinking lemon water in the morning kick-starts your metabolism because it goes into an inactive state during and after you sleep. By speeding up your metabolism through lemon water, your body burns more calories to produce heat or energy in a process termed thermogenesis. In effect, this leads to loss of weight.

Low-calorie intake

To start with, the blend of lemon and water consists of natural ingredients free of any additives or preservatives. The body works best with natural substances than processed elements. Because lemon is a natural ingredient and you are simply adding a few drops into your water, it contributes no calories to your body’s caloric count every time you sip it. Try and reason this way: Assume you substitute whatever you like drinking in the morning with lemon juice. This could be anything simple as fruit juice or pretty detrimental like soda. Some fruit juices even contain calories, leave alone coffee. However, lemon water contains zero calories. Imagine further replacing your favorite drinks with lemon water each day. This reduction in calorie intake that you would otherwise consume from coffee and other beverages goes a long way in helping you shed weight.

Waste cleansing

After digestion, all types of wastes are sent to the colon for expulsion. Failure to clean out your colon will result in the buildup of lingering waste in your colon, constipation, hardened stools and heighten the threat of colon cancer. Plus, this accumulation of lingering waste also contributes to increased body weight. Thanks to lemon’s detoxification characteristics, all this lingering waste is cleaned out thus boosting your weight loss attempts. Acids in lemon juice also slow the process of digestion, which promotes better nutrient absorption in the body.

Suppresses hunger

When you drink lemon water in the morning accompanied by a balanced meal, your brain is more likely to send signals of fullness to your brain faster. Lemon contains pectin fiber. As you are probably aware, fiber is known for inducing fullness. When you feel full, your food intake will be significantly reduced, and this means less consumption of unhealthy fats and pointless calories. In the end, you can lose a few kilograms. If you’ve previously attempted to suppress your appetite with drinks like tea or coffee, switch to lemon water instead.


Sufficient water is a crucial aspect of health. Staying hydrated is vital for everything from boosting physical performance to controlling body temperature. Research shows that increased hydration speeds up the rate at which fats are broken down. Seeing that water constitutes the lion share of lemon water, you will stay hydrated with it every day.

Lemon water can accelerate our metabolic rates, support hydration and promote weight loss. That being said, not only is it flavorsome and easy to make, it can serve as a low-calorie alternative to higher-calorie drinks.

Fruits are fantastic additions to any diet. They contribute greatly to an individual’s well-being and they are truly a healthy form of sweet snacks, being loaded with nutrients. However, not all have the same nutrient makeup, and there are fruits out there that help better with weight loss, or other reasons.

Fruits are beneficial when you want to lose weight despite continuous eating. It is a form of food with low caloric value and high fiber content making you feel full without eating too much of it.

With the variety of fruit offered in the market, we have come up with a list of fruits that you can combine with your current weight loss program for a healthier body and happier life!


Bananas are loaded with potassium, and yes, they are also packed with fiber. A slice of banana can help boost your metabolism while also filling you up without excess calories and sugar compared to most diet snacks available in the market. Bananas are way healthier than an energy bar too. If you want some variations, partner some bananas with some fat-free peanut butter for an instant sweet yet healthy treat!


Watermelons are often considered to be an anti-weight loss fruit due to its high sugar content. Putting that aside, this fruit also boasts impressive benefits that are good for your health and weight loss journey. Watermelons are also high in water content thus it improves hydration to keep your body functioning at its best.


It is not new knowledge to everyone anymore about the wonder fruit that is Avocado. Avocados are one of the staple fruits for a person aiming to lose weight. It is packed with so much good fatty acids that it’s no wonder it is and has been everyone’s favourite diet food for quite a while now. It contains about 20 grams of healthy fat that aid in preventing high cholesterol and also a good choice for regulation of metabolism. Avocados are also known to increase synthesis of testosterone for both men and women—a hormone that is responsible for weight loss in both genders.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away, indeed. It is a supremely healthy fruit with only low amounts of calories as well as not containing any forms of sodium or fat. It is highly fibrous which is good to rid your stomach of toxins and leftovers. Aside from these reasons, apples help you feel fuller and can energise you for a decent amount of time each day to keep you functioning efficiently, allowing you to get work done. Apples are also very rich in antioxidants and is a good fruit choice to balance your blood sugar levels. Snacking has never been this good, yes?


Grapefruits are beneficial to weight loss due to its components that lower insulin levels. Insulin is a type of hormone that regulates blood sugar levels AND is also the one responsible in storing fats. It is very high in water content which makes you feel full for longer periods of time. Grapefruits are also good sources of vitamin C, folic acid, and potassium.

Keep in mind that fruits get digested for longer times than most food types, requiring more calories to actually digest them and encouraging weight loss.