Could Life Be As Sweet Without Added Sugar In Our Diet?

Wouldn’t it be nice if the world was Cadbury? Maybe, but health-wise? Probably not. For most of us, having an aversion to sweet treats are practically ingrained in our nature. Sure, sugar provides us with energy, hence the term ‘sugar rush’. Despite being high in calories, it does not contain any nutritional value when consumed.

An abundance of sugar intake is not recommended for our health. In fact, the over-consumption of sugar has been linked to cardiovascular diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and even obesity. This brings about the no-added-sugar diet. In general, the no-added-sugar cuts out added sugar but allows for natural sugar. When we lower our sugar intake, we’re also reducing the risk of these health conditions. For those considering to embark on this diet, we might hesitate as we think about the amount of food we have to give up in the process. However, nothing worth having comes easy. In the pursuit of weight loss, we have to put in the effort as well!

How can I start?

Change your diet gradually. It may help if you refrain eating sugary treats and baked goods like cakes and brownies. Eliminate sweets and sugary beverages as well! In a day, try limiting your sugar intake to 10% of your total energy intake. To give you a gist of it: if you’re on a 1,500-calorie diet, then 150 calories could be attributed to sugar which is about 6 to 12 teaspoons. Avoid simple carbohydrates like white rice and flour also.

Focus on whole foods

Eat whole foods that are nutritious and filling, as processed foods tend to contain refined ingredients or added sugar. Aim for a balanced meal containing protein, healthy fat and complex carbs. Here are some meal examples:

– Whole wheat pasta with animal-based or plant-based protein of your
– Almond milk oatmeal with fruit
– Brown rice with fresh greens, carrots and protein of your choice

As you settle into a new meal regime, slowly remove foods high in natural sugar to reduce your sugar cravings.

Be critical of product labels

There are hidden sugars that can be found in most products on supermarket shelves. Condiments like oyster or tomato sauce are notorious for being high in sugar! The simplest method to reduce our consumption of sugar is by reading nutritional information and ingredient list that can usually be found on food labels. There are many ways to refer to sugar. One trick is to look out for ingredients that end with “ose” such as glucose and maltose. Some food like fruits don’t come with a label, so you can look up the nutritional information online!

Get active

As we work towards a healthier diet, let’s not neglect our body’s need to get moving. Avoid having a sedentary lifestyle. Keep active by dedicating at least 20 minutes a day to exercising! Staying at home shouldn’t be an excuse to relax all day. If you need that push, sign yourself up for a weight loss program you can commit to.

You reap what you sow

Embarking on this diet brings about many health benefits, and one of them is weight loss! When you cut out sugar, you’re cutting out non-nutritious calories as well. Another physical benefit is better skin as excess sugar is the cause of oily skin. On top of reducing the health risks, you also lower the risk of dental decay.


If your goal of cutting out sugar is to lose weight or improve your health, then this is a good start. However, don’t forget to factor in exercise, stress management and other lifestyle factors as well. You can consider TCM slimming too, which is a natural slimming treatment which also focuses on enhancing your overall health through many benefits aside from losing weight. Ultimately, we should always strive to live a comfortable life of moderation, with a clear boundary that indulgences remain as indulgences.

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