Why do you consider yourself overweight or obese? Is it what people tell you, that your clothes no longer fit or you’re only growing sideways? Whatever the reason, weight loss can be very elusive and frustrating especially if you are in a hurry to see results. Weeks of morning runs and starvation and still no results can lead to depression.

Not even the research you conducted about quick weight loss programs make the situation any better for you. You even start skipping meals, but nothing changes. Losing weight the right way requires expert advice to dispel some of the myths associated with this journey.

A nutritionist will guide you on the best path to take to achieve your goals. The experts will monitor your progress and make recommendations on what you need to change. Myths that will confuse and hold you back from shedding those extra pounds include;

Eat Everything & Exercise; You Will Still Lose Weight

People and blogs may mislead you into eating anything edible that you come across. After all, you are hitting the gym every evening and combining it with your usual runs across the estate. But have you shed any weight? The answer is probably no.

Working out in the gym or a sprint in your hood will definitely break down more calories through increased metabolism.

However, eating everything that comes your way, especially carbs and sugars will replace any calories lost during your workouts. Instead of losing the weight, you will either maintain or increase. Instead of using such an approach, work out and check what comes to your plate. Singapore’s best weight loss program will help you chose the right portions of the proper foods to suit your body.

You Can Cut Weight for Specific Body Parts

You may wish to have an hourglass figure and hence target specific areas to shed weight. For instance, you may target your belly if you’re having love huddles. The truth, however, is that there is no such thing as spot training. The training will help you strengthen specific body parts such the abdomen and pelvic muscles but losing weight is a different game altogether. Growth is spontaneous and so is weight loss. Do not target just a few areas of your body. Instead, work towards achieving a healthy BMI by losing weight across your entire body.

You Should Be More Active In the Morning

False, Weight loss is not pegged to time. You do not have to work out in the morning or evening for you to lose weight. Instead, choose a weight loss program that is suitable for you. If you have busy mornings, it is ok to schedule your workout for evenings or even afternoons. Any time will be fine.

You Must Avoid Certain Foods to Lose Weight

A healthy body requires food from all the classes of food; carbohydrates, proteins, fibre, vitamins, minerals, and water. You need to eat all these food types for you to enjoy a functional and healthy system. However, you should check their portions. When on a weight loss treatment, reduce your carbohydrate and protein intake. Increase the veggies and your water intake. The rule here is to take a balanced diet and in the right portions.

Skip Dinner to Lose Weight

This is a common myth among people who are working to shed weight. The myth encourages people to avoid taking any meals after 3 Pm. The truth, however, is that there is no harm taking meals whatever time of day or night. The most important thing is to check your calorie intake and maintain the recommended amount for a consistent and gradual weight loss. Talk to your nutritionist for a guide on the right calories to sustain you, depending on your lifestyle and your level of exercise.

Do not believe everything that you come across or read, especially about your health. Working with experts on weight loss will give you the right roadmap to achieving the right weight.

Your body naturally regulates its temperature through perspiration, what is commonly known as sweating. When your body heats up, sweat is released from the sweat glands through the pores on your skin. The liquid evaporates, cooling the body and releasing heat. Excess heat can be as a result of exercise, warm temperatures, fever, anxiety or even stress.

Is sweating an outward sign that the body is burning more calories and releasing excess energy? Sweating can be a way of assessing how hard one is working, especially when you are exercising. However, it is not a sign that you are burning more calories. So what is the relationship between sweating and weight loss? This is discussed below.

Sweating and fat burning

Sweat consists of 99% water, and the rest is salt. There is no fat content in sweat. In fact, the process of perspiration does not require any burning of calories. The body burns a few calories when you shiver as the burning of calories produces more body heat. However, when sweating, heat is being diffused out of your body and not generated. In fact, an effective slimming treatment would also be cryotherapy which is being in an extremely cold temperature to burn calories.

Why does one sweat more than another?

How much you sweat depends on a number of factors. It can be as a result of age, your fitness level, weight, genetics and other environmental factors. The more weight you have, the more you will sweat when exercising because of the larger body mass to cool down. Also, one who is physically fit will sweat quicker because his or her body can efficiently regulate temperature. When your body cools faster, you are able to work out longer and harder.

So why does one weigh less after sweating?

It is true that one does shed some weight after sweating a lot, but the weight lost is water and not body weight. As mentioned earlier, sweat consists of water and salts, urea, sugars and ammonia. You lose some weight as it leaves your body and evaporates. This weight is regained the next time you hydrate. This temporary weight loss is what makes many to believe that they can shed excess weight through sweating.

What causes you to lose significant weight is not the sweating, but the exercise you are undertaking. Sweating is just a by-product of your efforts. If you really need to lose weight, it is advisable that you do cardio exercises and check your diet. Sweating will help your body to refresh and control temperature, even helping you to exercise for longer periods of time. However, sweating is not a barometer for how much weight you are losing, but it is a good gauge to how hard you are working.

Weight loss can be very a very frustrating process if you have no information on the best and easiest way to achieve it. Some methods are very strenuous and take a lot of time to yield results.  However, the use of science and technology has given birth to an easier and faster way to lose fat. Cryotherapy is proven to be a safe and effective method to cut weight within a short period of time.

What is Cryotherapy?

The term Cryotherapy is used to describe the use of low temperatures in the field of medical therapy. It is widely used to treat and relieve muscle pain, swellings and sprains among other conditions. A good and common example of Cryotherapy is the use of ice packs to relieve pain. Research on the benefits of Cryotherapy has led to the discovery that is possible to cut on weight using this unusual but effective slimming treatment.

How is it done?

When under Cryotherapy treatment, your body is subjected to very low temperatures for a short period of time. This process is focused on lowering the temperature of your skin while the core body temperature remains the same.  You get into a chamber, also known as a Cryosauna, and then nitrogen mist is released so as to lower the temperature.  Your head is above the chamber, allowing you to breathe normally. There is always a qualified practitioner with you and you can request to stop the process at any time.

How is it an effective Fat Burner?

Your body has a natural way of responding to an extreme change of temperatures. When it is hot, the body cools naturally by sweating. When it is cold, the body starts to shiver to generate heat. This increases the metabolic rate, causing your body to burn more calories and consequently release more heat.  All you need to do is to maintain a constant calorie measure intake in your diet and burn more calories regularly for weight loss.

Cryotherapy also causes your body to increase its blood circulation. The brain signals to the heart to pump blood quicker so as to generate more heat. This automatically boosts your energy levels, allowing you to work out and burn even more calories. Combining Cryotherapy and regular workouts is an effective way to lose weight faster.

If you are experiencing muscle pains and strain as a result of aggressive workout, Cryotherapy is the solution you seek.  It helps eliminate the pain and assists in the healing and rebuilding of your muscles. You will feel more motivated to exercise and extra work out sessions will help you lose more fat within a short period of time.

In order to get the desired results, you will need to attend Cryotherapy sessions regularly. You also need to combine this therapy with a healthy diet plan and regular exercise.  Cryotherapy can be the defining step you need to finally lose those remaining pounds.

If you are struggling with the process of weight loss, you must have come across countless ideas; all branded as ways to assist you to burn fat faster and more efficiently.  The best way to settle on a working solution is to select from the most popular methods. Here is a great set of slimming treatments widely used by Asians.

Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy treatment is widely practiced in the United Arab Emirates. It involves a practitioner cleaning the colon by channelling water through a tube inserted into a person’s rectum. This process is believed to clean out waste that could be stuck on the colon walls, toxic substances and excess water.

Many people confess to having lost some weight immediately after the procedure.  It is also believed that the cleansing helps quicken food digestion, absorption and elimination, an advantage to those also following a healthy diet. It is also a remedy for bloating and eliminates the discomfort that comes with it.

Japanese Water Therapy

This treatment aims at cleaning the digestive system and is believed to help cure various health problems. The therapy suggests that one should drink water early in the morning before eating anything.  One is also advised not to drink anything for at least two hours after any meals. The therapy should be adopted as a daily routine.

Drinking enough water is important as it increases your body’s metabolism. You’ll feel fresh and energised, and this means that you can comfortably work out for more hours and burn extra calories in the process.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM slimming)

This is a treatment that offers more traditional solutions to help you lose weight.  There are special herbs that one is given to improve digestion and the breakdown of fats. There are other herbs that are believed to promote bowel movement and increase metabolism.

Many also prescribe herbs that induce the urge to urinate, consequently getting rid of excess water and helping shed off the extra weight that is as a result of fluid retention in the body. One is also advised to go for acupuncture. It is believed to promote digestion, control appetite and increase the metabolic rate. This treatment is more common in Singapore.

Slimming products

In Malaysia, the use of slimming products is very common. These products are slimming supplements and can be in form of tablets, capsules, powder drinks, pills, slimming teas and liquid drinks. Supplements contain ingredients that help breaking down fatty foods and also increasing the rate of metabolism. It is very important to read and understand the instructions before using any of these slimming products.

Whichever method you think will work best for you, it is very important to have a healthy diet plan. It will be pointless to try losing weight when you are actually taking in more calories than the actual calories you are burning. It is also good to combine the alternative methods with a regular workout schedule.