4 New Approaches for Weight Loss, According to a TCM Expert

4 New Approaches for Weight Loss, According to a TCM Expert

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a revolutionary healthcare system that targets the body’s overall well-being, restoring balance and harmony. It is an age-old approach that utilises herbal remedies and various traditional methods to cure prevalent and challenging ailments. For the uninitiated, the power of TCM stems from treating the mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of an individual – weight loss included.

While the Western take on weight management focuses on balancing the number of calories you consume with how much you burn, TCM offers a more holistic understanding of obesity which can help you shed those extra kilos. TCM slimming aims to address your underlying health conditions and bring forth a healthier lifestyle for quicker weight loss than current weight loss treatments.

Recommended by TCM practitioners, they are tried and tested techniques that aid in weight loss. As a result, here are four practical tips for losing those extra pounds.

1. Consume foods with pungent flavours 

It is no secret that the food you consume plays a central role in weight loss. According to TCM professionals, there are five different flavours of food: spicy, bitter, sour, salty, and sweet. Each characteristic contributes to the function of various organs in your body, balancing your overall health. However, it has been said that foods with pungent flavours – as well as sour and bitter undertones – are to be incorporated into your diet if you intend to lose weight.

In TCM, weight gain refers to the accumulation of “dampness” in your system. This is due to excess intake of fatty or sweet foods, which causes your body’s digestion and nutrient absorption to be irregular. TCM practitioners believe that sour and bitter flavours of certain foods can eliminate “dampness” and support weight management.

Fruits like Chinese Hawthorn and bitter melon, for example, are known to aid digestion and curb sweet cravings. Hence, when combined with a nutritious diet and regular exercise, including herbs and spices known for promoting weight loss in your meals, it can help you achieve your fitness goals in no time.

2. Seek acupuncture treatment for sleep and stress management 

Several studies have shown that a lack of quality sleep and chronic stress can significantly impact weight gain. This is because the chemicals that control your appetite are disrupted, causing your brain to send out erroneous hunger signals.

As a result, to fulfil your transient needs, you turn to junk food, which typically leads to significant weight gain. If your hectic lifestyle has left you feeling anxious and caused you to have issues sleeping at night, acupuncture does wonders in resolving your current condition.

According to TCM, acupuncture relieves stress by stimulating the movement of Qi in your system. The treatment’s mainstay is using needles to target specific pressure spots on the body.

During the process, the procedure stimulates endorphins – also known as “feel good” hormones – in your system to counter binge-eating urges. It also reduces stress hormones, namely cortisol, influencing you to enter a calmed and relaxed state of mind.

As a result, the flow of Qi in your body is improved, and symptoms that cause you to feel unpleasant emotions or uncomfortable are eliminated. Your sweet desires will also be reduced, allowing you to consume fewer calories overall.

3. Incorporate Tai Chi into your workout routine  

Exercise is paramount in losing weight. But if you are an individual with ailments that restrict you from engaging in vigorous activities, Tai Chi is a suitable outdoor alternative to partake in. Often described as “meditation in motion”, Tai Chi is a form of martial arts that involves slow, gentle movements and deep breaths.

It is said to encourage the flow of Qi, thus inducing various emotional and physical benefits. Some health benefits include reducing depression and anxiety symptoms and preventing weight gain.

In essence, this simple workout routine is more than just about increasing your physical endurance. Because it is an activity commonly performed outdoors, it gives you the sunlight and energy needed to lose weight.

Studies have shown that the fat cells underneath your skin shrink when exposed to the blue light emitted by sunrays in moderation. As such, when basking under occasional sunlight, your cells store lesser fat and stave off obesity.

4. Receive ear acupressure to curb food cravings 

The biggest struggle for those attempting to lose weight is reining in cravings for junk food. However, by regulating the hypothalamus – known as the part of your brain that controls hunger hormones – via acupuncture, your appetite will be significantly suppressed. For the uninitiated, ear stapling or auricular acupuncture are alternate TCM treatment forms targeting weight loss.

The former refers to a procedure that involves using a specialised staple gun to pierce your ear cartilage. By doing so, nerves that transmit hunger signals to your brain are believed to be numbed, consequently dissolving your habitual desire to reach for snacks.

On the other hand, auricular acupuncture normalises your body’s dysfunction by stimulating five pressure points in your ear with needles. Aside from circulating Qi in your system, it also elevates the speed of digestion and controls your food cravings. With lesser calorie consumption, you will naturally begin to lose weight over time.


When it comes to losing weight, having a fitness plan chock-full of effective techniques is requisite. And while exercising and dieting may be standard weight loss methods, the abovementioned approaches have also proven to be effective in helping individuals get rid of extra pounds.

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