Ginger: How It Helps with Weight-Loss and How to Take It?

Ginger: How It Helps with Weight-Loss and How to Take It?

Ginger: How It Helps with Weight-Loss and How to Take It?

Ginger is a spice long been used as a prominent element in Indian and Asian cuisines. It’s also a key ingredient in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), where it’s integrated with other herbs to treat various ailments, such as stomach issues, morning sickness, motion sickness, nausea, and chronic disorders.

What many are unaware of is that ginger also helps with weight loss. It contains compounds known as gingerols and shogaols, which stimulate bodily functions, as well as antioxidant and anti-properties that aid in the fight against free radicals and inflammation. It has also been proven to help with metabolism and digestion. According to research, ginger also makes you feel fuller for longer, so you won’t feel hungry for a few hours.

Here are five ways to incorporate the sublime benefits of ginger with your favourite weight-loss regimen.

1. Ginger Tea

Take a 2-centimetre slice of fresh ginger and 200 millilitres of water. Add 1 tablespoon of ground ginger for every 1 litre of water you add. Place everything in a saucepan and boil for 8 to 10 minutes. Wait for the concoction to cool down. Then, strain and drink.

Drink ginger tea 3 times a day. It is recommended that you drink it regularly and follow a low-fat and sugar-free diet for maximum results.

2. Ginger and Lemon Water

Add 5 grams of ground or grated ginger to a litre of water. Squeeze 4 lemons into the jar. Place it inside your fridge for at least 30 minutes. Drink the mixture as a replacement for water.

This combination can boost your metabolism.

3. Ginger and Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) alone works wonders when it comes to weight loss, so when combined with ginger, you can expect to enjoy double the benefits. The best way to consume this is to blend the two or prepare ginger tea and add ACV when it cools down. This combination will boost both ingredients’ antioxidant and anti-glycemic properties.

4. Ginger and Pineapple Juice

In a blender, add 1 slice of pineapple and 2 slices of ginger. Blend and serve the drink cold without sugar or milk. You can freeze the pineapple slice to enjoy a refreshing drink. You can also add mint or ice to make it tastier.

Pineapple and ginger aid in proper digestion. Pineapple has bromelain, which is an enzyme that helps in protein digestion.

5. Ginger and Green Tea

Add a slice of ginger while brewing your green tea. Both ingredients can boost metabolism, which aids in your weight loss effort. Drink this 2 to 3 times a day for best results.

Bottom Line

It’s important to remember that before beginning any weight-loss programme, you should consult with a physician to ensure its safety. This is particularly true if ginger is taken in large amounts, as it lowers blood viscosity and may exacerbate blood problems.

To receive the maximum benefits of ginger while avoiding any adverse side effects, you should follow a diet rich in whole foods, exercise regularly, and maintain a healthy weight.

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