Time and other constraints mean that losing weight is not as straightforward as it seems. Often, you will find yourself trying other successful options for your weight loss program. Some try techniques like Traditional Chinese Medicine, while some take up walking to get fit. It is a safe enough exercise, and if you stick to your routine, it can help you to lose as much as a pound of weight per week. Walking is also a great way to tone your body and keep the risks of diabetes and arthritis at bay. If you are planning to start walking for weight loss, what’s important is to change your mindset first before starting your weight-loss challenge physically. Read these tips on how to lose weight by walking.

Walk regularly and at a consistent pace

The amount of calories burnt in walking depends on one’s body weight and walking speed. Experts say that walking at four miles per hour for an hour can help burn about 400 calories. However, walking takes up time and one doesn’t need to walk four miles every day. You can simply commit to walking 2-3 miles for your weight loss program. You can take even shorter distances, combining it in your everyday schedule. Professionals recommend walking 30 minutes for four days a week.

Get a pedometer to record your walking

Pedometers and wrist bands have become necessary devices for a number of people with weight loss programs. The pedometer is a device that can be attached to the hip. It is not too heavy and packs in a number of features apart from counting the number of steps you take in a day. Counting steps using a pedometer is important for losing weight. If you are talking 6000 steps a day and are not losing weight, you can increase the number of steps. Also take note of what you are consuming on a daily basis. Both diet has to work with exercise for weight loss.

Take 2000 steps per mile

Walking one mile can burn about 100 calories. For weight loss, you will have to walk 2000 steps in one mile. To lose one pound, you will have to create a deficit of 500 calories every day, which will be achieved by walking 10,000 steps a day. This number need not intimidate you, since you can fit it into your daily schedule. When going to work, get off a stop before. Use the stairs instead of the elevator, and park your car further away.

Walk with a good posture and a good technique

Walking is a natural activity, but doing it with a bad posture all these years could have led to you developing a poor style of walking. Walking with good posture is crucial for your weight loss program. Keep your chin up, look ahead at a distance of about 10 feet, hold the gluts firm, pull the abdomen in, and walk with a long stride.

Do not let any monotony creep in

It is necessary to keep yourself entertained while walking. It is important to feel burdened when you are in the midst of walking as this will only demotivate you. You can do this by choosing different places for walking with a close friend. In case if you are alone, walk at different parks and neighbourhoods and carry a music player along to keep yourself entertained. If it is too cold or raining outside, do not miss your hour of walking. Instead, do it on your treadmill. Get them along now!

The battle of diet versus exercise has formed the backbone of the weight loss debate since time immemorial. Dieting and working out are both ways to introduce the calorific deficit necessary for losing weight. Often, even your slimming centre in Singapore will ask you to cut down on bad calories through food. However, critics have been divided on the role of one over the other in shedding the extra pounds. Doing a little exercise can make us believe that we have earned the required calorific deficit and can start binging on junk again. If you too want to know the truth of diet versus exercise for weight loss and some slimming tips especially for women, do read on.

What’s more to weight loss?

No matter how appealing exercise looks, the truth is that weight loss is more about choosing the right kind of food than trying to work it off your body in the gym. Popular culture and the media often projects images of people sweating it out in the gym and eventually reaching the desired weight, but the fact is something else. Staying physically active is one thing, and staying in control of what you’re eating is another. The fact is that one hour of running at the slimming centre burns only about 350-400 calories. One could easily choose a bowl of fresh fruits and vegetables over a hamburger and instantly ‘lose’ some hundred calories. Quitting fizzy drinks and energy bars will have the same effect, and so weight loss seems to be more about diet.

Does dieting only work?

Staying in control of one’s diet need not mean eating less or starving yourself. Weight loss can still be brought on by choosing better food. Many people do not experience actual weight loss because their calorie-counting is faulty. It makes you believe you have gained fewer calories than you actually have. Instead, you should focus on halving your portions. If you have to eat a burger, eat only half of it. However, it is better to eat healthier and lighter alternatives, instead of checking portions. Leguminous foods, lean meat, fresh fruits and vegetables are examples of foods that give you a feeling of fullness. Dieting can help bring about weight loss by way of eating less.

Does exercise alone do better?

A number of methods for weight loss have come up in the recent few years. Dieticians can help lose inches off the belly. Slimming centres are offering holistic weight loss using ancient processes. However, exercise is not rendered inessential. When you adopt exercise along with a diet plan aimed at weight loss, you are working to gain health. Working out helps in the stimulation of metabolic tissues, and ensures that you are losing weight only through excess fat. Maintaining muscle mass and bone density are crucial to healthy weight loss. Exercise is very important for weight loss since it also means added health benefits like better sleep, less cholesterol and stress.

Therefore, it would be a mistake to believe that there is just one winner in the battle of diet and exercise. To be slim and in good health all over, both food and physical activity are indispensable.


The internet is full of articles and videos telling you about the right way to lose weight. Some may even claim that spot reduction is possible, or that pills make for safe slimming treatment in Singapore. While myths on slimming down abound everywhere, exercise and dieting have been the most popular ways for most women. However, while exercise often needs a lot of time to show results, dieting can be hard on the body. However, these are not impossible if you change your mindset about losing weight. If you too want a slim and slender body, read the following tips on doing it effectively.

Walk a lot more

Cardiovascular exercise may not be equally appealing to everyone, but walking is a really effective alternative. Try going on morning or evening walks as a measure of recreation, or just simply walk your dog. Use the stairs instead of the elevator and the escalator. Charity walks are an excellent way to burn some extra calories. If you’re taking the bus, get off a stop or two earlier. Do the cleaning on your own and try turning on some peppy music. Also take to mowing the lawn.

Drink a lot of fluids

Fluids and slimming treatment go hand in hand. Always keep a water bottle handy and try drinking two full glasses an hour before meals. This not only makes you consume less calories, but increases your metabolism by about 25%. Make fluids like black coffee and green tea a part of your slimming treatment. While black coffee helps improve metabolism and kick-starts fat-burning, catechins in green tea provide antioxidants and aid in weight loss. You can also make fresh fruit juices and stock up your body with vitamins and minerals.

Say goodbye to added sugar and processed foods

Added sugar is badly afflicting most people’s diets. This is because it is present in a lot of products today. Women wanting to lose weight should ideally replace snacks and processed foods with fiber-based foods. Fruit and vegetable salads contain a lot of fiber. They are also full of water, which makes them filling and gives them a low density of energy. Chewing food is very important, and fiber based foods need to be chewed. One should also stay away from pizzas, brownies and alcohol.

Try traditional Chinese slimming

Traditional Chinese Medicine first originated in China. Today, Singaporeans rely on its holistic processes to lose weight effectively. If you believe in the potency of herbal medicines in slimming treatment, it is worth giving a try. The processes include acupuncture to target various pressure points in the body. Traditional Chinese slimming works with internal body processes and carries a lot of positive parallel effects on the body. It keeps diabetes away, and treats indigestion and stress.

Practice portion control

Binging and eating large portions also contribute towards weight gain. Portion control in the recent years has been seen as a powerful to control one’s weight. This can be done by eating in smaller bowls and plates. Another way is to record your calorie intake in a food diary or using an online app. The idea is to increase your awareness of what you’re eating. Take pictures of your meals and know the amount of calories you consume. Lastly, never skip the breakfast.

If you think dieting and exercising are enough to help you lose weight in Singapore, think again! With so many good foods in this tiny island and busy work schedule, it is almost impossible. It is common to find many real-life stories of people spending hours in the gym and/or eating less for months only to discover things are not working as expected. But wait! Don’t get this wrong. Dieting and exercising are great, but for any weight loss regimen to work, you must change your mindset and lifestyle in the first place. If you are not sure how to do that, read here some useful tips.

Get your mind right

Perhaps, you equate to weight loss with strict rules, impractical routines, hard-to-follow diet, etc. What happens is – you try hard to adjust to a routine that you know would never work for you. And when you fail to follow the rules, you feel bad, guilty – as if you are cheating yourself. But this is not the way, as it can only lead you to failure. What you need is to learn how to see your slimming program in a positive light. You want to be inspired and motivated to lose weight. You must enjoy your weight loss journey and it should not be a burden on you. A suffocating routine, no matter how scientific it is, simply does not work. To achieve long-term success, you must change the way you think about weight loss.

Have patience

“I’m ready to go to any extent, but I need immediate results.” If that sounds like you, be careful! Sliming does not happen overnight. If someone else says they can help lose weight fast, they are probably misguiding you. Think about it. It takes years to gain weight, but you want to lose that within weeks or months. Even if you lose weight really fast, you’ll actually lose lean tissues or water, but not that stubborn fat in your body. Quick results are temporary – not long-term. For best and permanent results, you need to lose weight slowly and gradually.

Set achievable goals

One way to keep yourself motivated in your journey to lose weight is by winning small milestones consistently. Set goals that are attainable and achieve them. Winning is a habit. Once you start winning small milestones, you’ll feel confident – which may help you push your limits and gradually move towards achieving your long-term goals. For instance, you can start by setting the below goals;

  • Drinking one litre extra water every day
  • Cycling to work
  • Exercising for at least 30 minutes a day
  • Consuming alcohol only in parties and special events
  • Using the office stairs instead of elevators when you are not in a hurry

These simple steps can go a long way to help you kick-start your weight-loss journey.

Get support

Another good idea would be to share your problems with your closed ones and get mental support from them. For instance; you can ask a friend to join you in the gym. Or both of you can go take a slimming treatment together. When you are connected to the right people, it becomes easier to fight the battle against obesity.