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Fifteen Weight Loss Tips That You Can Follow

Struggling to maintain your desired weight? Tried following various weight loss programs that seem to not work despite how hard you work?

Weight loss fads and programs change from all the time, hopping from one scientific breakthrough to another.

However, you need not stick with these fleeting diets tips. Follow a few tried and tested weight loss strategies to guide your weight loss in singapore.

Below are fifteen weight loss tips that are proven to be effective and can help you shed off some extra pounds in no time.

1. Never ever skip meals
When you skip meals, chances are you binge the next time that you eat, resulting in eating more calories than normal. These excess calories are stored as fats instead of being burnt off as energy.

2. Change your lifestyle
Throw away your old eating habits and start eating healthy. Being consistent is the key to lose weight. You have to keep in mind that in order to maintain your desired weight, you have to stick to a healthy routine.

3. Drink more water
Hydrating yourself is key to increasing your metabolism and keeping your cells from dehydration. When your cells are dehydrated, you tend to consume more calories to compensate for your cells being nutrient-deprived. Drinking water pre-meals can also help you consume fewer calories and lose more weight.

4. Use smaller plates
Using smaller plates can give you the illusion of eating more. It makes your mind believe that you are already full due to the image of the empty plate.

5. Eat spicy foods
Chillipeppers contain the substance Capsaicin, which is an antioxidant. It is also known to speed up metabolism, flush out toxins, and reduce your appetite.

6. Eat slowly
Savour your food and chew on it slowly. When you eat quickly, you cannot properly break down all the food in your mouth and you tend to get full slowly. However, if you slow down, you will feel fuller and more satisfied after eating.

7. Get good quality sleep
The number of hours you sleep is nothing compared to how good your sleep is. When you get good quality sleep at night, your body feels more rested and functional. You also eat fewer calories when you sleep adequately.

8. Drop the sugar
Well, do not ditch sugar altogether. Instead, watch your sugar intake. What you need to ditch are the unhealthy sugary drinks like processed juices and sodas. These drinks contain simple sugars that easily break down into glucose inside the bloodstream. Excess of it turns into extra calories, which are stored for a long time as fat. If you want to eat something sweet, opt for healthier alternatives such as fresh fruit juices or whole fruits.

9. Walk
Walking kickstarts your metabolism and it is a good way to burn some calories. Instead of lying around and sitting down all day, why not get up and start walking?

10. Eat more protein
Proteins are not burnt as fast as carbohydrates, making them one of the most effective weight loss treatments in Singapore. Proteins provide you with enough calories to last you for a good number of hours, and they can make you feel satiated for a long time.

11. Do cardio
Also known as aerobic exercise, performing cardio is a great way to get moving and burn calories.

12. Count your calorie intake
Counting calories make you more conscious of the amount of food or calories you eat. Listing down the food you have eaten helps a lot in weight loss as you are already aware how you should limit or treat yourself.

13. Restrict your carbs
You do not necessarily have to drop carbohydrates from your diet, but restrict the amount that you eat. Of course, carbohydrates are still important to keep us energised and ensure our brain get enough nutrients it needs. However, excess carbs can turn into fats.

14. Green tea
A popular weight loss drink, green tea is known to combat bloating and increase metabolic rates. Aside from these, green tea is also rich in catechins, an antioxidant that is said to be responsible for burning fats.

15. Do not skip your breakfast
People who skip on the most important meal of the day tend to consume more calories by midday than people who take time to fuel themselves with nutritious food in the morning.


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