Breakfast Foods for Burning Fat

As implied by its name, breakfast is literally breaking a fast, because you haven’t eaten since your last meal. It helps jump-start the body’s metabolism. That explains why breakfast is often referred to as the most crucial meal of the day.

If you don’t eat for a prolonged period, the body is inclined to store energy as fat reserves instead of burning it. If you’re used to skipping breakfast and not eating anything until lunch, which totals to about sixteen hours since your last meal, you run the risk of fat storage because your body isn’t sure when it will next be replenished. Therefore, people who opt to skip breakfast in the belief that they are avoiding calories are more likely to face obstacles in the attempts to lose weight. In contrast, people who take breakfast regularly experience improved weight loss.

With that said, what are breakfast choices that could enhance your metabolism and consequently burn fat deposits?


A full cup of raspberries provides you an astonishing 8 grams of fiber. In fact, that’s twice as much as what a full cup of strawberries gives you and about an equal amount in a cup of some varieties of beans. What’s so special about fiber? Studies have found that fiber fills you up and has zero calories. It prevents weight gain since you feel full and have no desire to eat anything else for the better part of the morning. It’s the ideal ingredient for losing weight.


Another fiber-rich food for breakfast is oatmeal. It is sugar-free. Eating oatmeal leads to weight loss through two ways. To start with, it comprises of fiber which helps to keep you feeling fuller for longer. Second, it features slow-release carbohydrates which help burn fat. Slow-release carbs does not raise blood sugar levels as high as consuming refined carbs like white toast. In effect, insulin levels remain steady. Given that insulin sends a signal to your body to stock up fat deposits, having low blood sugar levels leads to burning of more fat. You can cook your oatmeal in milk. If you wish to add more flavor, consider throwing in fruits such as blueberries, banana slices, and raisins as toppings.

Whole-wheat bread

No breakfast is complete without carbohydrates; however, the type of carbs you eat can make a massive difference when it comes to weight loss. Remember, whole wheat plus other whole grains are essential slow-release carbs and have more fiber and nutrients compared to their white, refined equivalents. What you apply to the bread also matters. Top the bread with some almond butter or an egg rather than butter.

Peanut butter

Another breakfast meal for promoting weight loss is nuts. You can dollop peanut butter on your wheat-toast and gobble it for breakfast. Additionally, you could also add nuts into your oatmeal which is another example of a slow-release carb. If you’re allergic to peanuts, a good alternative would be almond butter. It’s a good source of protein and delicious when spread on whole grain bread.


Eggs are rich in protein and are often staples of recommended diets given to those who enroll for weight loss program. In contrast to carbs and fats, proteins keep you feeling full for a long time. As a result, you don’t have cravings for food after eating your breakfast. Therefore, your body will burn more calories than those just consumed.

Green tea

Consider drinking green tea rather than coffee. Coffee has more caffeine which leaves you less hydrated. In contrast, green tea helps to accelerate your body’s metabolism which in turn sees you burn more calories while at the same time speeding up the rate at which the body uses fat deposits.

The next time you want to rush out of the door without taking breakfast, remember the adverse effects of weight gain associated with skipping breakfast. This should persuade you to prepare any of the breakfast foods mentioned above.


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