Ways To Speed Up Your Body Metabolism

Here’s something you didn’t know: right inside your body is your personal trainer toiling untiringly to help you shed calories and fat. It’s referred to as your metabolism, and it is affected by every action of your body.

After eating, enzymes usually break down the food and convert it into energy, used for bodily processes such as thinking, keeping your heart beating, and simply moving it around. The quicker your metabolic rate, the higher the number of calories and fats you burn which, in turn, leads to easier weight loss. While you can’t influence the number of calories needed to keep your mind thinking, you can, however, lose an additional 400 to 600 calories every day through healthy dieting and exercise.

Bear in mind that you can accelerate the speed at which your metabolism works which ultimately affords you massive control over your metabolism. So what ways can speed up your metabolic rate? Well, read about these tried and tested moves that will propel your metabolic rate into overdrive.

Don’t skip breakfast

Taking a healthy breakfast meal consisting of scrambled eggs, whole-wheat bread slathered with almond butter and tea shortly after waking up literally jump starts your metabolism. The morning meal fires up your engine and keeps it humming. Studies have revealed that dieters who take breakfast are more likely to lose pounds than those who skip it. By avoiding breakfast, your body switches into starvation mode, and your metabolic rate slows down considerably to preserve energy.

Go organic

Are you split between buying organic foods? Well, here is something to sway you. Vegetables, fruits, and grains keep your metabolism running at full speed because organic foods don’t subject your thyroid to toxins exposure. On the other hand, nonorganic produce hinders your metabolism by impeding your thyroid, which is responsible for controlling the speed at which your metabolism runs.

Think protein

Digestion of protein happens at a far slower rate compared to carbohydrates or fats, which mean you feel satisfied longer after eating. Moreover, it sends your metabolism into overdrive. In a process termed thermogenesis, the body uses about 10 percent of its calorie intake for digestion purposes. Given that it requires a longer time to digest protein compared to fat or carbs, the body releases more heat. Plus, diets rich in protein help form and maintain lean body mass, which is arguably the finest fat-burner. Muscle expands more calories compared to fat, even at rest. Therefore, every meal you take should be crammed with protein. As part of your weight loss program, target a serving of 30 grams of protein at each meal which is equal to a four-ounce chicken breast or a cup of low-fat cheese.

Omega 3 fatty acids

Are you aware that eating plenty of fish high in omega 3 fatty acids can help pump up your metabolism? Salmon, tuna, and herring are good sources of the hunger-quashing Omega 3 healthy fats which send cues to your brain that you’re feeling satisfied. Omega 3 acids keep blood sugar levels stable and ease inflammation, helping to control metabolism. Plus, they encourage production of the hormone leptin which plays a role in how quickly fat is expended.

Take green tea

Green tea’s antioxidants are well known. Even better news is the active ingredient called catechin, which can accelerate metabolism. After a series of research in dieters, it was found that those who regularly took green tea lost extra weight compared to those who did not, signifying the role of catechins in improving fat oxidation plus thermogenesis. So, how many cups do you have to take? Well, drinking five cups of green tea every day can crank up your energy use by ninety calories per day. Even though it may well seem like a lot of tea to drink, drinking it iced makes it easier.

Making small lifestyle adjustments and applying these tips as part of your routine may help crank up your metabolic rate. A fast metabolism will translate into weight loss and keep weight gain at bay while providing you with increased energy.


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