Does Drinking Green Tea Help You Lose Weight?

Does Drinking Green Tea Help You Lose Weight?

With all the variants of tea leaves available worldwide, green tea is considered to be the healthiest. The reason is that this variant of tea leaves plays a role when a person wants to shed off some extra pounds. Many studies have been conducted regarding the efficacy of green tea for weight loss.

Green Tea has caffeine and other helpful substances

Various studies have been conducted before, stating that green tea contains flavonoids and caffeine that assist in increasing the body’s metabolic rate, fat oxidation, and enhances insulin activity.

Caffeine’s role in beverages is to stimulate the brain in order to prevent you from getting tired easily. Caffeine’s effect on the body is instant and you can actually feel the impact of this chemical immediately after taking a cup of green tea. Since caffeine stimulates the system, it also plays a role in kicking off increased metabolic rate, thereby allowing your body to burn more calories.

Consequently, other substances that can be found in green tea are powerful antioxidants such as catechins—a chemical that protects most organs in the body. Among the most powerful catechins that can be found in green tea is the EGCG—a chemical that plays a major role in increasing the cell’s metabolic rate.

Drinking green tea can help burn and mobilize fat

Green tea contains substances that aids in breaking down fat cells and lead these fat cells toward the bloodstream. These active chemicals and substances in green tea boost the effect of hormones that are responsible in burning fats. Due to these helpful substances and chemicals, more fat cells are being broken down and released in the blood stream. These debris of fat cells in the blood stream, instead of being stored, are now utilized as source of energy.

Green tea increases energy prior to working out

Drinking at least a cup of green tea an hour before working out can positively affect your performance. Since green tea contains caffeine that stimulates energy to be released by the body, you perform better thus increasing your body’s metabolic rate. An increase in metabolic rate means that your heart pumps more blood and that uses a great amount of calories. Thus, you burn more than what you take.

Green tea can help your body get rid of unwanted abdominal fats

One more notable thing with green tea is that it can help in getting rid of unwanted fats in your tummy. Do note that green tea may or may not work with everyone and also, there are various types of fat cells within the body. Green tea works by helping the visceral fats surrounding the stomach to melt and prevent deadly diseases from taking over your body.

There are many choices out there that you can turn to in order to achieve a slimmer body. Do not just go after drowning yourself with green tea because that will never be sufficient. You can consult and choose from the different weight loss programs in Singapore that fits your need and your condition. Try coupling a cup or two of green tea with a cardio and strengthening work-out routine. With time, you will be able to observe its effects on your body.


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