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Tips To Maintain Your Weight After A Slimming Treatment

With the New Year upon us, most people will be tempted to lose a few pounds that have accumulated throughout the previous year. Luckily, the slimming treatment works for most people after months of taking a diet, exercising daily, and the obsessive calorie counting. Unfortunately, a big percentage of people who succeed in losing weight always ends up regaining it after a few months as the body is wired to regain the lost weight shortly after losing it. Some people have succeeded in losing weight and maintaining it long term by following various scientifically proven ways such as watching their diet and adhering to a weight loss program. Below are methods that you can consider to avoid regaining your weight after losing it.

Eating Breakfast
Eating breakfast is one of the successful ways of maintaining your weight after a successful loss. After taking a healthy breakfast, you are less likely to overeat during the day. No scientific studies are showing that eating breakfast will help you maintain your weight, but you should highly consider taking low-fat yoghurt, omelette, fruits, nuts, or oatmeal in the morning.

Weigh Yourself Frequently
Regularly weighing yourself helps you monitor your progress and control your weight control behaviours. It also enables you to combat weight gain and work a little harder as soon as you find it increasing. Women tend to increase their weight by few pounds because of the menstrual cycle, but this should not exceed five pounds.

Increase Your Protein Intake
Protein foods require a lot of energy to digest hence increasing your metabolism rate. Additionally, they produce hormones that reduce the hunger levels and promote fullness. As they minimise the number of calories you consume every day, they are ideal for weight maintenance.

Add More Muscles
Strength training increases your muscle mass, which in turn powers up your metabolism hence burning more calories. Most people reduce weight by doing cardio exercises, but you have to strength train if you intend to maintain your weight. Remember to change your fitness routine after every few weeks to maintain healthy muscles.

Watch Your Portions
Eating small portions is advisable than taking three large meals which take longer to digest. You can consider snacking in between meals to ensure your body stays satisfied and the energy levels remain high. Eating small meals also prevents you from binging on junk food, which is one of the reasons that most people add more weight after losing. You should watch your eating habits especially if you lost weight through dieting since a sudden increase in your food portions would quickly lead to a rebound.

Drink Up
Taking at least six glasses of water each day increases your metabolism and keeps your body hydrated. It will also protect you from overeating and regain your weight since it slows down your eating pace and fills you up quickly. As a result, you will only have accumulated a few calories that are easy to digest.

Eliminate Bad Habits that are Affecting your Weight
Bad habits such as binging on high-calorie snacks while watching a movie or taking sweetened food will lead to weight gain. You should also avoid practices such as eating high carbs, eating large portions, getting a second helping, and skipping exercise routines if you want to maintain your weight.

Weight regain after a slimming treatment is very common among most people, but you can easily avoid that by adopting a healthy lifestyle and eating habits. Remember that exercising does not stop immediately after achieving your desired weight since a sudden stop will easily cause a rebound. Therefore, you should consider following all the tips above if you intend to maintain your new weight for a long time.



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