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3 Common Health Issues that are Linked to Obesity

Obesity is increasingly becoming a serious health issue in Singapore and other countries in the world. The condition is not only a cosmetic problem, but it poses a risk of other chronic medical conditions that increase your chances of dying at an early age. Your body requires approximately 2000 calories if you are a woman and 2500 calories for men on a daily basis. Taking fewer calories than that will lead to malnutrition while any extra calorie above the optimum amount is stored in the body as fat leading to weight gain and eventually obesity. You can burn this stored fat through enrolling in the best weight loss program in singapore.

A body mass index above 25 indicated you are overweight and this could lead to obesity if it raises to 30. Therefore, you should consider checking on your diet and following a strict workout routine instead of watching it raise above 30 or even 40. Carrying extra pounds than your body can handle automatically exposes you to serious health risks including:

High Blood Pressure and Other Heart Related Diseases
Your heart is responsible for supplying blood to other organs in the body to ensure they are working correctly. Therefore, a slight increase in the body mass will cause the heart to work twice as hard to pump blood all over the body.  Additionally, cholesterol build up in the arteries makes it hard for them to supply blood to other parts of the body. This would lead to serious issues such as an enlarged heart, hypertension, stroke, chest pains, or even sudden heart failure. Losing a few pounds is all you need to improve the flow of blood to and from the cells and balance your body’s cholesterol levels.

Majority of people with diabetes type 2 are obese. Your risk of getting diabetes is even higher if you are pear shaped or you come from a family with a history if getting the disease. Diabetes type 2 happens when the cells develop resistance to insulin- the hormone in charge of controlling the blood sugar level in the body. A fluctuation in the blood sugar levels would easily end up being fatal in your body hence the need to keep them balanced.  High blood sugar levels lead to other health problems such as kidney failure, heart diseases, or blindness. You should, therefore, work on losing your weight and maintaining it at healthy levels through a strict diet and attending the best weight loss program in Singapore to reduce the effects the disease.

Obesity and sedentary living are the causes of a high percentage of cancer cases in the world. Thousands of people are getting different types of cancers every year, but the risk is higher for the obese people. Therefore, maintaining optimum weight will lower the chances of getting cancers such as uterine, breast, ovarian, and cervical cancer for women while men will also reduce the risk of getting prostate and colorectal cancer. Other types of cancers linked to obesity include gallbladder, kidney, and colon. Obesity will always disrupt the insulin levels and other hormones such as estrogen whose imbalance may lead to complex health problems in the body.

Maintain your body weight at healthy levels is all you need to protect yourself from all the diseases above and medical conditions such as depression, osteoarthritis, gout, and sleep apnea among others. There are best weight loss programs in Singapore that will help you cut down all the pounds you need to remain healthy while at the same time following a nutritious diet. Therefore, you should not put yourself at risk of getting one of these chronic illnesses above while you can do something to prevent them.


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