4 Ways to Fight Through Your Weight Loss Plateaus

Congratulations! You just managed to lose about 5 or 10 pounds after a few weeks of a workout. Suddenly, your weight loss efforts seem to have come to a halt, and the scales do not budge an ounce even after maintaining a healthy diet and a workout routine. If you are having such an experience in your weight loss journey, then you are in a phase known as a weight plateau. Everyone who has ever been in one of the best weight loss programs in singapore has witnessed a weight plateau after a few weeks of progressive weight loss. Fortunately, you can conquer it by following some of the tips below.

Increase your Protein Intake
Working out will not only lower fat levels in the body, but it will also get rid of a significant amount of muscle mass. Proteins are excellent bodybuilders, and their intake helps in building the muscles destroyed during your weight loss regimen. The increase of the body’s muscle mass will automatically improve your body’s metabolism and restore your weight loss journey back to normal. Additionally, proteins are satiating hence reducing your chances of binging on caloric food.

Have Enough Sleep and Rest
Lack of enough sleep triggers the production of leptin and ghrelin hormone. Leptin hormone is responsible for the feelings of satiety in the body while ghrelin alerts your body when you fall into a hunger state. Lack of enough sleep lowers your leptin levels and makes your ghrelin hormone spike hence causing you to overeat throughout the day. This will automatically lead to a significant weight gain or a stagnation on your weight. Sleeping for 7-8 hours per night also allows the body to repair the worn out tissues and develop new muscles responsible for the body metabolism.

Take your Daily Exercise a Notch Higher
Are you sweating it out during your daily workouts? If you are not, then that could be the reason for the sudden halt in your weight loss. You also need to use different types of exercise to avoid situations where your body becomes familiar with your usual routine. You can never go wrong with High-Intensity Interval Training (HILT) training involves exercise such as running, cycling, or jumping ropes with short resting periods. It exercise requires high energy levels, meaning that your body will actively burn fat even after the training to keep the body’s energy levels at an optimum level.

Check Your Sodium Intake
Sodium is a giant water magnet in the body, and high levels of the mineral could be the reason for your weight loss plateau. A large percentage of your body weight comprises of water and fat, so high levels of sodium could be hurting your efforts to lose all that water. Majority of the sodium consumed in foods comes from your favourite snacks. Therefore, it is time you stay away from that box of mac and cheese or even the sweet stuff if you want to get rid of your weight loss plateau.

Weight loss plateau is the main reason why most people gain some few pounds shortly after losing them. However, it would not be fair if you suddenly regained back all the weight after following one of the best weight loss programs in Singapore. Therefore, do not give up on your journey if your weighing machine does not move an ounce even after a few days of exercising, following a strict diet and making changes to your lifestyle. You will eventually conquer the stagnation by adopting a few changes to your usual routine.


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