Ways to track your weight loss progress

Tracking body weight accurately

Weighing scales have copped some unreasonable criticism lately. Readings on weighing scales are bound to fluctuate at different times of the day. These fluctuations are owing to water retention and food. Invest in a good quality scale. Weighing yourself should be done twice a day and without clothes. Note down your weight for the day as the average of these readings. The next step is to multiply body fat percentage by your weight. Make regular entries in the diary.

Tracking fat loss accurately

In order to measure the progress of your slimming treatment in Singapore, it is essential to track body fat percentage. The reading on the scale doesn’t tell you about the composition of your weight. Even as you lose fat, the weight might remain constant, since muscle gain is happening simultaneously.

Body fat percentage can be measured using hydrostatic weighing, callipers and calculators available online. You can even get your body fat checked at your slimming centre. People with dangerous levels of body fat are prone to lifestyle diseases. In such cases, traditional Chinese Medicine can help lose weight without risking injuries. Therefore, quitting sugar will definitely help in losing weight.

Taking measurements of different areas

Measuring different parts of your body is useful and doesn’t require any expensive equipment. The body loses fat in different parts of the body in different order. Women should start at the bust, measuring along the nipple line. Measure the waist just above the belly button.

Hips, thighs, calves and arms are measured along the area where they bulge the most. You can also use slightly tighter clothes instead of the measuring tape to compare and see the results of your hard work. Try every month to see how they fit.

Tracking progress with pictures

If you are social media savvy, you will find picture tracking particularly enjoyable. Even if you’re not, take pictures of yourself on a daily basis. It is ideal to stand in the same way and in the same kind of outfit every day to compare the differences. You will be amazed how a weekly comparison will help to motivate you further in leading a healthier lifestyle. Therefore, one needs to know the differences between Diet vs Exercise and how to complement both together to achieve great results. Look at the pictures of an entire month. You will be able to tell the amount of change your body has gone through.

Tracking meals and exercise

Websites that offer calorie tracking have huge databases. You can simply log in and record whatever you have eaten for the day. Do not conceal or underreport anything. Training your appetite to expect lesser calories with each passing week is important. When it comes to exercise, plan well and spread out training different parts of the body throughout the week.

However, slimming treatment is not about creating calorie deficit only by way of diet management and physical exercise. Alternative methods like TCM slimming use holistic methods to help you lose weights.


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