Maintaining Good Body Posture

Slouching on your chair may feel comfortable when you are doing some brainwork or hunched in front of a computer. However, you may not feel as comfortable if you were to learn about the consequences of having a bad posture. Terrible body postures can result in neck pain, back pain, joint tightness and worse, it can lead to long-term health issues.

On the other hand, maintaining good body postures makes you feel confident, comfortable and poses many health benefits. Here are some of the benefits that can be gained from maintaining a good body posture:

Better Digestion For Weight Loss

Maintaining good posture improves your digestion, thus helping to keep digestive disorders that can cause various health conditions away. By having a good body posture, the internal organs in the abdominal region are not unduly compressed. On the flip side, bad posture can affect the performance of gastrointestinal apparatus. Some of the problems associated with digestive problems include weight gain, fatigue, anaemia, irritable bowel syndrome and more. Hence, if you would like to retain to the desired results of your weight loss program and improve your health, you should try to maintain a good digestive system.

Better Breathing To Lose Weight

Good posture improves your lung capacity as it provides space for the rib cage and diaphragm to expand. When you slouch, your diaphragm does not have the space to expand thus leading you to have shallower breaths. If you are standing or in a seated position, you should maintain a good posture to facilitate proper breathing. Deep breathing enhances oxidation, which increases the capacity to burn fat. To improve your breathing, you need to maintain a good posture. With good posture and practice of right breathing techniques, you are on your way to losing weight.

Look Slimmer

Have you ever noticed your tummy overhangs and spills over your waistband when you slouch? You will not only look heavier if you are seated this way but you will begin to gain tummy fat due to your bad posture. Sitting for long hours with your spine curved can result in accumulation of fat in the lower regions of your abdomen. On top of the usual core workouts and exercises in any weight loss program to target tummy fat, you can make it a habit to keep your upper body upright with good posture. When you do so, your stomach is pulled in and your shoulders expand, eliminating the sign of stomach bulging.

Keep A Watch To Improve Your Posture

To correct your posture, you need to know what a good posture is. Start with your standing posture and notice how you walk, sit, carry weight, pick up objects from floor and sleep. Once you are aware of your postures and know how to correct your postures, you are half-way through. Regularly exercising will help to improve your posture.

Be Aware, Be Graceful And Be Healthy

Maintaining a good posture is not a difficult task. You only need to be aware of the health benefits that go with being in a good posture and be conscious about the way you sit, stand, and walk. With good posture, you will look more graceful and you will find your confidence levels boosting. The best reason to have a good posture is that you will be healthier and look younger than your age.

Volumetrics diet is a special new type of diet developed by dieticians and doctors as a solution for people who wish to lose weight quickly. Volumetrics diets are prepared by adding only the required amount of carbohydrates and fats. Volume of diet have increased tenfold by adding water and fibres which are of no caloric value. This way, the volume of diet is increased but its caloric value remains within the required limit. This large volume of diet helps to achieve stomach fullness and satisfaction without consuming extra calories. Finding a suitable slimming centre in Singapoe that caters to your weight loss concerns can also help you to develop an effective diet for fast results.

How Volumetrics diet functions?

The principle of Volumetrics diet is to provide the required amount of calories in your daily diet. The volume of diet should be increased by adding non-caloric dietary components. These additives are water and indigestible fibres. When one carries out their Volumetrics diet, satisfaction is achieved by fullness of stomach due to the extra bulk of food from fibres and water. The consumption of extra calories is avoided which leads to fast weight loss. Dieters preparing the Volumetrics diet should avoid adding oil and butter to their diet. According to dieticians, our healthy diet should contain 20-30 % calories from fats and 45-65 % calories from carbohydrates. Therefore, you have to be careful that your Volumetrics diet should contain the required amount of fats and carbohydrates. Volumetrics diet also includes high moisture diet, which contains a large amount of water and fibres.

Naturally available high moisture foods

Naturally available high moisture foods which contain large amounts of water and fibres include fresh fruits and vegetables with high water content like tomatoes, green leafy vegetables like lettuce and cabbage, or fresh salads with little or no dressing.

Will you lose weight fast with Volumetrics diet?

There are many studies to support that a diet low in calories and high in fibre content can achieve fast weight loss. In 2007 a study under American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers assigned 97 obese women a low-fat, high fibre diet. A year later, almost all the women lost more than 14 pounds of their weight. In this study, only low fat and high fibre diet were selected and large water content was not added, if you will add a large volume of water you will be able to lose weight even faster than this study.


Sudden increase of fibre content in diet can cause discomfort of the stomach and bloating in some people. If you experience such symptoms, gradually increase the amount of fibres in your diet. You can approach any Singapore slimming centre for an expert-guided advice in your weight loss diet so that it is suitable for you.

When you want to lose some weight, there are three important factors that you should pay attention to. Those three factors are nutrition, exercise, and rest. The key to losing weight is to create negative energy balance; which means that a number of calories intake should be less than the amount of calories expended. Therefore, you need to have adequate rest, control your meals, and regular exercise.

While you may exercise regularly and have adequate rest, eating nutritious meals is a factor that you might have forgotten about. Attempting to eat as little as possible to lose weight is not a good method, as you will likely be depriving your body of the nutrients that it needs. Eating smaller portions of nutritious meals will ensure that your body remains healthy while you control your diet. Smaller controlled portions will likely lower the amount of calories you consume, helping you on your journey to weight loss.

Calorie intake is the energy that is provided by the food that you take. While exercise will burn away calories, it only accounts for 20-30% of total amount of calories expended. Almost the entire remaining amount of calories that is acquired from eating food is used for the body to maintain various essential systems like the respiratory system, circulation system, etc. All of these systems require energy, and the amount of energy needed in different systems is termed as basal metabolic rate (BMR). Another component of expended calories that is often forgotten is the thermic effect of food, which accounts for around 10% of total expended calories.

Thermic effect of food is the amount of energy, which is required to digest and absorb the nutrients from the food. Therefore, along with reducing the amount of calories from food, you should apply the strategy of eating more often, but in small portions. A research study showed that this approach could reduce hunger and prevent overeating. That strategy can also be used to enhance body metabolism; there will only be a small amount of excess energy that is converted into fat due to the small portions eaten.

Hence, a nutrition strategy for weight loss is to start controlling the portion size of your meals. By eating enough food to satisfy your hunger, you can remain at peak energy throughout the day. The key takeaway is to avoid overeating, as that will cause you to consume too many unnecessary calories. If you still struggle with losing weight despite trying to maintain a healthy diet, it may be time to seek help. Going for a TCM weight loss program in Singapore can help you to lose weight while remaining healthy.


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High consumption of salt can lead to rapid weight gain. That is because the storing of extra fluids in the body is accelerated by the presence of sodium, and extra fluids in the body add to your body weight. Hence, if you are trying to lose weight, reducing your salt intake is something you can try out. There are other benefits to reducing salt consumption; for instance, it helps in controlling blood pressure for those that are suffering from high blood pressure.

According to the American Heart Association, the recommended level of salt intake for an average adult is 1 teaspoon per day. For those who are suffering from high blood pressure, this limit falls further down to around 1500mg, which is around ¾ of a teaspoon of salt. When you reduce your daily salt consumption, you may experience a rapid, but limited weight loss in the beginning. If you want a more moderate weight loss, you should try limiting salt on a regular basis.

How to reduce salt intake?

Salt is a common household ingredient that we usually cannot go without as it is naturally present in many foods, and is also an essential seasoning item that people use very regularly. So how can we reduce our salt intake?

As you will likely consume a larger amount of salt from processed and ready-made food, you can try cooking healthier food by yourself at home. That will not only limit your salt consumption but also help you to avoid the consumption of high calories, fat and oil that is associated with junk food. Cooking at home will not only help you lose weight but will also keep you healthy and help you save money! Still, if you can’t avoid eating outside of your home, you should still be cautious about the sodium level in the food.

Drinking plenty of water can also help you in limiting the sodium content in your body, thereby helping you lose weight. Water is often said to be the cure for many inherent and common diseases. Increasing your intake of water is easy, and can be easily done by eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. There is no better way to do that than by cooking meals yourself, despite how tiresome and boring cooking can be.

In addition, you should be concerned about consuming processed food labelled ‘no-salt-added’ because they may contain an unhealthy amount of saturated fat and a high-calorie level.

If your taste buds are used to consuming food that is laden with a high amount of salt, you may have difficulties in limiting your salt consumption in the beginning. However, with a little time, you will soon be adjusted to having food that has a lower amount of salt in them. If you are really motivated to achieve your desired weight loss, you will definitely get through the war with your taste buds.

However, if you find that following a weight loss program in Singapore will be better for you, you should consider joining a program. With the help of a program, you will likely lose more weight if you follow the diet and exercise plans offered.