4 Foods That Will Aid In Burning Any Excess Subcutaneous Fat

Weight loss is an issue that most of us partake in, some more successful than others. Women, especially, have a harder time losing weight as their body composition carries more subcutaneous fat. This type of fat is not metabolically active, thus, they aren’t able to burn as many calories as their male counterparts. Apart from apparent risks of potential health issues such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes, this alone can easily adversely affect one’s image of oneself.

Subcutaneous fat isn’t all that bad for the body. Like most body composition, having the appropriate amount of subcutaneous fat is beneficial for your body. Not only does it stores energy for later use, but it also serves as insulation and padding to absorb the impact of hits and falls. This type of fat also functions as connective tissue between your dermis and muscles and bones. It also acts as a passageway for nerves and blood vessels between the skin and muscles.

However, too much will increase the risk of health complications. Thus, it is important that you keep it in check. Amongst the fundamentals and various slimming treatments, a healthy diet is paramount. We will look at some of the foods that will help you lose subcutaneous fat, which will improve your metabolic rate and thus, allow you to shed those pounds much more quickly.

Lean Meats

The most straightforward to lose weight is to cut down on calories. Since a high protein meal not only helps keep you full for an extended time, your meal frequency will drastically reduce, thus reducing any energy deficit. Lean meats, in particular, are sources of protein that are highly beneficial for you as they have relatively low fat content. It also possesses fewer calories than their non-lean counterparts.

Black Beans

Black beans have been acknowledged as one of the handful power foods, and with good reason too! Not only are they high in fibre and low in fat, but they also carry resistant starch. This complex starch allows you to feel fuller longer by sticking around your digestive tract. Furthermore, these beans promote the production of a particular chemical, butyrate, which encourages the body to burn fat as fuel.


Fatty fishes such as tuna, are a prime source of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), a component of omega 3 fatty acid. Whilst omega 3 fatty acids are comprised of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and DHA, the latter is found to be 40 to 70 percent more effective when it comes to down-regulating fat genes and inhibiting their size expansion.

Jerusalem Artichokes

Jerusalem artichokes carry a particular insoluble fibre that will help you shed a few pounds tremendously. This fibre, the oligofructose, encourages the production of a hormone that maintains hunger, ghrelin, whilst simultaneously lowering down your blood sugar.


These foods are only a small portion of your effective weight loss journey. It needs to be supplemented with a good sleep cycle and regular exercise, amongst many other things. If you wish for fast results that do not pose a significant health risk, you may want to consider TCM weight loss treatments, such as our Divine Slim treatment at Slim Couture that utilise specialized TCM techniques to lose weight healthily.


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