5 Ways To Boost Your Levels Of Motivation To Lose Weight

Going on a weight loss journey can take a toll on your motivation; it’s an arduous journey that is full of its ups and downs. Results unfortunately, don’t come as quick as you wish it would. If you find yourself losing motivation as you slog your way trying to shed off those pounds, it’s only understandable.

Whilst it’s only natural, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to continuously be in the slumps. By employing the right mentality and methodology, losing weight can be fun and most importantly, effective. Motivation is an aspect you can touch on to help you on your journey, and we have gathered 5 helpful ways to motivate yourself to lose weight successfully.

1. Remember why you want to lose weight

If you find yourself losing motivation, clearly define your goals and always remember why you want to lose weight in the first place. By writing your reasons down, the chances of you staying committed and motivated to attain your weight loss goals are much higher.

Your reasons could be to boost your self-confidence, shun health issues or fitting nicely into clothes. Regardless of your reasons, pen them down and look through them daily when you’re tempted to stray away from your goals. Never letting anything deter you from achieving them!

2. Set realistic expectations

Whilst it’s good to aim high, but setting unachievable goals can lead to negative feelings of disappointment and frustration, causing you to give up. On the other hand, having realistic and small goals will give you the much-needed dopamine hit, making you feel feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment once you’ve met these goals. Such positive feelings will in turn, boost your levels of motivation.

3. Stick to a long term plan that fits your lifestyle

Pick a weight loss plan you can stick to, and avoid the ones that are not sustainable and back-breaking in the long run. For instance, not only are crash diets ineffective in helping you lose weight, but it also rewires your metabolism and body composition, making you gain more weight in the future!

Thus, do not simply follow strict and quick-fix diets that claim to work miraculously. Instead, you’d want to customise your own weight loss plan and tailor it to best suit your lifestyle. Some examples of beneficial dietary habits include consuming more vegetables and fruits, reducing unhealthy foods such as high-sodium process foods, ingredients with high fat content and the like.

4. Have a weight loss journal

It’s pivotal to self-monitor when it comes to weight loss success and motivation. You can do so by keeping a food journal, jotting down everything you consume, from your meals to the small piece of candy.

You may also use this to track your emotions and moods in your journal, as this is a fantastic way to help you identify particular triggers for overeating. This then allows you to hold accountability, pushing you to find healthier options to cope. You can also use available websites or applications to help you track as well.

5. Celebrate each success

Losing weight is undoubtedly challenging, celebrate all your small and big successes to motivate yourself continually. Give yourself credit when you accomplish a goal, and you can even share your accomplishments with your close friends and families, and on community pages to get support. When you feel proud of yourself, your levels of motivation will significantly increase. On top of that, you can reward yourself to further boost your motivation!


It’s easy to lose motivation when it comes to losing weight, but these 5 useful tips above will ensure that your weight loss journey will be a successful one. For an even more impressive weight loss experience, you can try our TCM slimming in Singapore to get rid of your unwanted fats. At Slim Couture, we take pride in helping our clients reach their goal, and revel in their newfound confidence.


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