5 Small Lifestyle Habits To Help You Lose Weight Easily

Many times, people think that a successful journey to weight loss requires you to take up extreme measures such as dieting or excessive exercise. Whilst such methods may bear results in the first few weeks, these results wouldn’t last. Even worse, such extreme methods will make a mess out of your physiology and it’ll only backfire – either through more weight gain or ailments.

Fortunately, extreme methods aren’t the only way to go about reaching your goals (nor are they encouraged). If you wish to partake in sustainable and healthy weight loss that offers long-lasting and safe results, start by incorporating small lifestyle changes! These small changes will accumulate over time and you can revel in excellent weight loss results!

So instead of torturing your body by following crash diets which are bound to fail over time, try these 5 small lifestyle tips for weight loss and be healthier overall.

1. Eat slowly

You may be wondering: what is the connection between eating slowly and weight loss? Surprisingly, the speed in which you choose to eat with will influence your weight gain. Eating slowly actually helps to increase the levels of gut hormones which are responsible for feeling full. It usually will take 20 minutes before your brain can register that your body is full, giving your body signals to decrease appetite. This will naturally help you reduce your calorie intake, which will slowly accumulate into significant weight loss.

2. Drink water all the time

More often than not, many mistake dehydration for hunger. This will lead to snacking and eating, when all your body really wants is to be hydrated. If you’re not a fan of regular ole plain water, you can simply add fresh fruits such as lemon, blueberries or cucumber to give it a subtle flavour.

3. Focus on eating 

In this day and age, our friends and family aren’t the only ones to accompany us when we eat. We also have media entertainment such as Netflix shows, Youtube videos and the like to keep us visually occupied as we eat.

However, this act of multitasking can unwittingly prompt you to eat more. As we’ve previously mentioned, the brain takes 20 minutes to start sending out “I’m full” signals to turn off your appetite. When you’re processing other stimulation, your brain won’t process the amount of food you’re eating and will take longer to send out the same signals. This may lead to overeating. Apart from letting you consume more subconsciously, distracted eating also compels you to eat more than required later in the day.

4. Get sufficient sleep

Indeed, clocking sufficient sleep every night and keeping to a great sleep schedule can be extremely tough, but it’s a simple way to encourage and promote weight loss. Sleep keeps your appetite hormones in check. Without an adequate amount of sleep, these hormone levels will become unbalanced, leading to increased hunger and appetite. As such, you should aim for seven to nine hours of sleep every night.

5. Start a food journal

Keeping a food journal, whilst simple in concept, can wield surprisingly excellent benefits! Not only will you have a better understanding of the things you eat on a daily, but you will also subconsciously be more intentional with the things that you put in your mouth. Jotting down a detailed list of your daily dietary habits will help you identify any bad ones for necessary tweaking. Track both your food and beverage intake, and see if you’re unwittingly taking in additional calories!

Remember, weight loss is a marathon and not a sprint.

The 5 small lifestyle changes above can lead to significant results, but above everything, keep in mind that losing weight healthily involves trial and error. So, learn to be good to your body and go easy on it!

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