Tips To Lose Weight And Maintain A Healthy Body

Weight loss can be a challenging achievement, and to be able to achieve it requires a great level of motivation and persistent effort. What’s more, having an idle and desk-bound lifestyle along with the plenteous amount of food available makes the weight loss process arduous.

But, there are methods and programs that people use to shed the excess weight. A healthy weight is vital for good health. There are also weight loss programs and slimming centres in Singapore that can help you with your weight loss plans.

Below, we’ll share some tips that you can use to reduce the extra weight and get rid of it permanently.

Being Ready for the Change

To be able to reduce weight one should be truly dedicated and committed to making all the changes to their routine that would be necessary to shed the extra pounds. Losing weight requires a person to make some sacrifices and stick to them, as it is a process that permeates every level of your lifestyle.

Set a Realistic Goal

The second step on your weight loss journey to calculate the weight loss that would work and be healthy for your body type. For this, you need to learn about your Body Mass Index (BMI) and plan out your calorie intake based on that. Setting up short-term goals adds to the motivation needed to keep you on the track towards the long-term goals.

Prepare a Healthy Meal Plan

Set up a balanced meal plan that allows you to have a range of foods in moderation. Make your weight loss easier by adding to your diet the foods that help in this process. Some of these high-protein foods are tuna, salmon and chicken breast. Add leafy greens too including spinach, kale, cabbage and broccoli as they have a low level of carbohydrates but are super rich in fibre. Processed foods that have a high level of fat and added sugar should strictly be cut out of the diet.

Be Physically Active

Exercise helps in accelerating the entire weight loss process. But, by simply adding more movement to one daily routine could also help in shedding the excess pounds. Anything that increases your heart rate like walking is a good physical activity. One could start off by adding a moderate activity of at least 150 minutes a week to the life and gradually working your way up it. Switch to an active routine by making small but impactful changes like take a flight of stairs instead of hopping on to an elevator.

Build a Social Support System

Losing weight can be a tedious challenge, which makes it very difficult to stay motivated along the journey. Form a network of friends, family and work colleagues that you could be a part of this weight loss journey with you. Having the practical support of people in the form of exercise buddies or healthy-food shopping mate would help you a lot in staying on track. Regular emotional encouragement could also have a positive and strong impact in boosting your dedication and determination about the whole weight loss process.

All the above-mentioned simple tips are very helpful and not only effective in helping to reduce weight but also aid in keeping it off permanently.


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