Top 3 Diets to Shed that Extra Weight

If you are looking for ways to shed weight by eating the right kind of food, look no further. This article lists the top 3 commonly used diets to get rid of unwanted fat from your body.

  1. The Paleo Diet

According to the paleo diet, humans should eat everything except dairy foods. If you plan to follow the paleo diet, then whole foods, lean protein, fruits, nuts, seeds will be your daily constants. Avoid sugary items, grains, and processed foods. This helps in shedding a lot of weight.

  1. The Vegan Diet

This diet was created by a group of vegetarians. They opt not to eat eggs, dairy, and any other animal products. Once you eliminate dairy items and meat, your calorie intake will be less, helping you lose weight. Many who follow the vegan diet do so because they find it unethical to eat meat by killing animals.

  1. Low-Carb Diets

One of the most popular diets for weight loss that has been around for ages is the low-carb diet. Although you can find ample low-carb diets, the aim for all of them is the same- to limit the intake of carbs to only 20 to 150grams in a day. This helps because the body then uses the fat for fuel rather than the carbs for energy release. When the presence of carbs is low in the body, it then utilises fat hanging around our body by transporting them into the blood, which is then carried to the liver. The liver converts the fats to ketones, and together they are used as the main source of energy. This type of diet is commonly used to get rid of belly fat, which can have massive dividends for your overall health. According to some studies, the low carb diet can reduce the body fat twice as fast.

Losing weight and getting back into shape is important if you want to lead a healthy and a happy life. These weight loss diets can help tremendously, but if you are struggling with your weight, the best option is to look for professional help. There are many different weight loss programs in Singapore. Make sure you look for the best one near you and enroll soon because there is nothing more important in life than being healthy.

  1. Intermittent Fasting

This type of diet includes incorporating an strict eating pattern where the individual eats and fast. Here you are allowed to eat everything, but only for restricted time. When intermittent fasting is followed regularly, the individual sheds a lot of weight because of the calorie restriction.

Remember, there is no perfect diet plan. It all depends on the individual. So, follow the weight loss program in Singapore that suits you best. Try all of these diets one at a time, and at the end settle for the one that helps you lose weight easily and healthily.


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