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3 Popular Body Treatments To Achieve Your Ideal Figure

What do you do when you realize that you need to lose weight but you don’t have the time to beast up in the gym? Here come slimming treatments that will help you flatten your tummy, make your things a little firmer and also help reduce the fat in your body.

Find out more about 3 of the most popular body treatments in Singapore that people are enthusiastic about:

1. Fat melting procedure

This procedure is also known as lunchtime lipo and involves heating and bursting fat cells in the body using ultrasound. The liquid fat cells are now called triglycerides which your body eliminates using the normal usually biological methods.

The procedure has the advantage of being painless and is known to be very relaxing because the ultrasound machine has a massage head. It helps to remove some localized area of fat that has been bothering you and help you achieve the ideal figure by eliminating excess fat.

2. Svelt system cream

This procedure involves the use of a cream which is applied to the areas you think are problematic. After application, the cream is then massaged gently to help in tackling fatty zones, cellulite and loose skin.

This formula was developed to help restore and/or boost the elasticity of the skin. It also reduces the bumps on the skin and makes your skin have a silky-smooth appearance. It works following a regular application and is one of the few treatments for slimming fast without requiring so much muscle and time.

3. TCM slimming

This TCM slimming technique is a detox procedure that helps tone your skin and drain excess fluid from your body. It is used mostly for tackling cellulite and to shape your hips and thighs. The procedure is done by a therapist who uses slimming techniques to increase circulation of Qi all over the body.

The technique is effective and convenient though it may be ticklish or uncomfortable to some. It helps to reduce water tension, detox the body of toxins and enhance overall metabolism, which can support your weight loss journey.

At Slim Couture, you can lose weight healthily and maintain long-lasting results without worrying about negative side effects. We specialise in TCM slimming that offer the best weight loss program for you while improving your overall well-being.


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