Five Ways to Get a Beach Body Ready All Year Round

Everyone wishes to flaunt their well-toned, beach-ready physique and access the best slimming treatments available to make that a reality. However, your body goals might seem quite distant from reality, leaving you bothered and doubtful about the possibility and pains of achieving them.

It is time to kickstart your journey and pay some attention to your body so you can be confident, comfortable, healthy and hit your aesthetic goals. You won’t have to worry about going on extreme diets either – we share some tips that will make an overall positive change to your body shape, shed weight and make you feel amazing.

1. Get in the right mindset

It takes a strong will to succeed and see improvements to your body. When you’re changing habits, it requires focus and determination which demand self-motivation and a positive attitude. Before you start on transforming your body, give your mind one. When you’re in the right mindset, you will be more primed to make choices that are aligned to achieving your ideal body. This will also act as a reminder and motivator as you begin to embrace your new habit.

2. Look at your diet

Your journey begins with what you eat. When you wish to lose weight and shed excess fat, reduce calories but also cut down on refined carbs. The reason being, refined carbs will spike your blood sugar levels and introduce food cravings where you might eat too often. Instead, turn to high-fiber carbs such as whole grains and vegetables which will stabilize your blood sugar levels by slowing digestion and put an end to sugar cravings.

When you eat during the day also matters – try digging in to your lunch at noontime and keep your dinners light. People who eat the biggest meals early in the day tend to lose more weight as compared to late-night eating. You shouldn’t also skip on breakfast. The right kind of meal to start the morning such as Greek yogurt, eggs, high-fiber cereal will jump-start your metabolism early in the day and keep you feeling satiated right until lunch.

3. Get moving

 Get your body to do more gradually so it can quickly adapt. Increase the level of physical activity and your body will provide you with extra energy. It also improves the circulation of oxygen and increases the glucose uptake of your muscles, which helps to prevent excess fat storage.

One thing to note, before you jump into your workout, remember to always stretch. Due to ageing, the elasticity of your muscles decreases and this can be accelerated by physical activities that overuse and overwork muscles through repetitive motions. As a result, this can easily lead to pains, aches and injuries.

4. Have fun with company

Aside from regular workouts, have fun with your physical activities. Join a dance cardio lesson and get the biggest burn when you exaggerate your arm and leg movements. Push your limits considerably and ensure you hit those lunges, steps and kicks to boost your heart rate. Doing it with company makes the session more fun – have your friends join you for your fitness classes every week!

5. Slimming treatments

In order to give your body a firm and well-balanced appearance, where all loose fat around your waist and arms are reduced, TCM slimming treatment is a good way to go. They provide a great avenue to complement your workout and diet routine along with providing health benefits.

One of the traditional Chinese methods that is highly effective in burning excess calories is the slimming massage therapy. This is a systematic massage that helps to unclog all built-up fat at specific areas. The massage goes deep beneath the skin, causing a free flow of blood and all internal liquids.

Another method is TCM acupuncture. This is done after diagnosing the possible reasons behind your weight, considering your specific body type and other necessary factors. It works by increasing your rate of metabolism, thereby helping you burn off calories from food intake before they accumulate in your body system.

In achieving your slim body goals with ease, it is advisable to sign up with a TCM slimming centre in Singapore. With this, you can interact with knowledgeable slimming experts and discuss your options on the best slimming treatment suited for you before embarking on any session. Not only do you achieve a slimmer, beach-ready body, your overall health is also improved.


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