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How to Lose Weight According to Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is often viewed by many people as an effective treatment for the mind, body, and spirit. However, not a lot of people know that TCM can also be used to lose weight. There are several TCM weight loss methods that have already helped people achieve their fitness goals.

To be clear, traditional Chinese medicine has a completely different way of seeing weight gain. Obesity or being overweight is not viewed as a problem in TCM but rather as a symptom for some underlying conditions a person might have. For TCM, the spleen-qi deficiency is one of the most common reasons behind weight gain.

What is the Spleen-Qi Deficiency?

According to traditional Chinese medicine, qi is the fundamental energy that circulates through the body at all times. Therefore, spleen-qi deficiency entails that a person has a low level of that energy. Having such deficiency essentially means that a person has a weak digestive system, which makes their body unbale to absorb food and transport it to the other body parts. This inability can then cause the person to feel constantly tired or hungry, which can ultimately result to weight gain.

Spleen-qi deficiency can be caused by different factors. But it is commonly attributed to genetics, which means that the condition might just run in the family. Aside from this, poor diet and bad eating habits may also be the reasons behind having spleen-qi deficiency. People who snack on unhealthy foods or who consume heavy meals at night are high risk of having spleen-qi deficiency, which is a precursor to weight gain.

How to Lose Weight Through Traditional Chinese Medicine?

As mentioned, traditional Chinese medicine has a different view when it comes to weight gain. Similarly, their weight loss methods are also distinct from the techniques you can typically get from modern weight loss programs. TCM slimming focuses more on the kinds of food people eat. According to TCM, the key to losing excess pounds is to eat healthily.

Here are some ways you can effectively lose weight according to TCM:

1. Avoid sweet and greasy food products because they can cause inflammation to your stomach.

2. Properly cook and prepare your meals because eating raw food can result to an imbalance in the body.

3. Stay away from cold foods and drinks because they can damage your digestive function.

4. Eat until you are no longer hungry, not until you are completely full.

5. Eat your heavy meal between 7 AM to 11 AM because your digestive system is at its strongest point during these times.

How Does Chinese Herbal Medicine Help in Losing Weight?

Traditional Chinese medicine also uses herbs for losing weight. Different Chinese herbal medicines are effective in helping people lose some extra pounds by suppressing their appetite, increasing their metabolism, and burning their calories. These raw herbs used to be boiled for consumption in the past.

Nowadays, however, it is already possible to find Chinese herbs in the form of capsules. People can intake these capsules according to their weight loss needs and requirements. The herbs used in this TCM weight loss method vary from person to person. For a safe and effective weight loss journey, the right herbs have to be chosen according to a person’s diagnosis, which may be based on their pulse, tongue, and other body organs.


Traditional Chinese medicine has proven to be effective not just in treating the mind and the body, but also in helping people get rid of the extra pounds they have been wanting to lose. If modern weight loss programs are just not working for you, then perhaps the TCM method is what you need!

At Slim Couture, we can help you lose weight and take care of your body through the incorporation of TCM techniques. We offer an all-natural TCM slimming treatment that can boost your metabolism, burn your calories, and enhance your overall health without any side effect.


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