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5 Common Bad Habits You Should Shake Off To Lose Weight

Going on a weight loss journey can be undeniably frustrating, especially when results don’t seem to show. The smallest actions that may seem inconsequential, but they tend to have a substantial impact on the number on the weight scale. While these actions alone are not the impetus for your climbing weight, they can easily develop into bad habits, and this is when the problem arises.

The insidious part about this is the fact that these habits don’t develop overnight. You’ve probably unknowingly made these habits without truly understanding its effects, especially to your weight. But fret not! You can still make the necessary changes and change always start by recognizing what these counterproductive habits. Without further ado, read on as we present 5 common bad habits you should avoid when trying to lose weight.

1. You stay up late

On top of repairing and renewing your cells, restoring energy and releasing molecules and proteins, getting sufficient sleep can also keep you slim. Studies have shown that maintaining a healthy and proper sleep schedule is essential to keep your tummy slim and tight. In fact, dieters who get less than 5 hours of sleep tend to gain 2 times more weight than those who get more than 8 hours of sleep.

Aim for 6-8 hours of sleep every night, which is proven to be the optimal amount for weight control. Avoid taking naps during the day and refrain from drinking caffeine 6 hours before your bedtime.

2. You skip meals

Many are under the impression that skipping meals will help them attain their weight loss goals, hence the diet trends. Unfortunately, this has been debunked. Skipping meals can increase the likelihood of you gaining more weight, especially when it comes to skipping the most vital meal of the day, breakfast.

Skipping meals will not only make you feel hungry faster, but it also slows down your metabolism. On top of the likelihood that you’ll overeat at your next meal, your body will have a harder time burning calories during rest and activities. As such, you’ll put on weight. To help you with this, you can make your healthy yet delicious breakfast the night before to motivate you to eat.

3. You binge-watch television 

When you binge-watch your Netflix series or movies, the chances of you subconsciously snacking are exceptionally high. Make the most of your television time by multitasking as you watch. It can be as simple as folding some laundry, doing planks, or even wall sits occasionally.

4. You rush through meals

A study found that slow eaters consume 66 lesser calories as compared to their peers who eat fast. By eating slowly, the stomach will signal to the brain to release more satiety hormones, hormones that govern the feeling of fullness. Once these hormones are secreted, you’ll feel full faster and will stop eating.

You can start each meal with two glasses of water, which serve as a natural appetite suppressant to help you feel full. When your food comes, place your fork in between bites and slow down your eating pace, giving your body additional time to digest the food.

5. You hardly drink water

Surprisingly, most people confuse thirst and hunger, often mistaking the former for later. Clinical studies have shown that 36% of people have weak thirst signals, thus mistaking hunger for thirst.

As such, make an effort to drink 8 cups of water every single day. If you’re not a fan of plain water, try spicing things up by adding fruits like calorie-free fresh citrus to make your very own detox water.

The 5 common habits above might be hard to shake off, but follow our useful tips, and you’ll be a step closer to attaining your weight loss goals. To aid in your weight loss journey, we also offer entirely natural TCM slimming in Singapore to enhance your metabolism and boost your overall health without any downside. Start losing weight effectively with us today!


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