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5 Common Mistakes You Should Never Make To Lose Weight

Every weight loss journey is a long battle that can slowly eat away at your motivations and self-esteem. This arduous battle requires you to tweak and sometimes even transform your lifestyle habits, throwing you into a loop. From sticking to a clean and sensible diet to making ill-advised decisions that can cause health consequences, your journey can make you feel like you’re doing every single thing right and yet, you can’t see the results you’ve been hoping for.

But did you know, you could actually be self-sabotaging by following outdated and misguided advice? So, to significantly aid in your journey, here are 5 common mistakes you should avoid when trying to lose weight.

1. Choosing diet or low-fat foods.

Foods that claim to be low-fat or weight loss friendly may not be as great as they claim to be. Many of such foods are jam-packed with oil, sodium and sugar to compensate for taste. The granola and trail mix boast healthy properties – whole oats and grains – but they are often prepared with an unhealthy amount of butter and oil. The emblematic weight loss food of all time, the salad, is a healthy meal – that is, if you’re eating it by itself. Once you add the croutons, cured meats and high-fat dressing, it stops becoming the healthy meal you thought you were going for.

Be sure to research and check the nutritional label before purchasing any of such foods. The rule of thumb: choose a combination of nutritious and minimally processed foods instead of low-fat ones.

2. Not consuming sufficient protein

There are several diet trends out there, one of which is the low-protein diet. Unless you have certain health conditions that require you to reduce your protein intake, not taking enough may actually be hindering your progress!

Eating enough protein is vital if you’re aiming to lose weight. In fact, protein helps to reduce appetite and calorie intake, whilst simultaneously increase feelings of fullness and metabolic rate. It also protects your muscle mass during your weight loss. Ensure your meals contain sufficient protein for optimal weight loss.

3. Not cutting down on sugary drinks

Sugar-sweetened beverages are one of the unhealthiest beverages on the planet. These drinks contain a lot of calories, which is detrimental to your health. Moreover, liquid sugar calories don’t make you full either. You end up unknowingly adding extra calories on top of your normal intake.

You may know this and have already eliminated sweetened beverages and soft drinks from your diet, but maybe you have missed out on fruit juice. Similar to sodas and the like, fruit juices are loaded with sugar, and will not help in your weight loss.

4. Not tracking what you consume

Successful weight loss does not stop at consuming healthy foods, but portion control is another aspect that you will want to look into. No doubt, consuming healthy and nutritious foods is an excellent way to lose weight, but you might still be subconsciously eating more calories than needed. When you don’t track what you eat, you’re also uncertain if you’re getting the right amount of fibre, protein, fat and carbs that are necessary to support your efforts.

Studies also show that you get an accurate overview of your nutrient and calorie consumption and provide accountability when you track what you eat. It’s recommended for you to jot down everything you eat in a day to give you a better idea of your consumption habits.

5. Setting unrealistic goals 

Having weight loss goals can motivate you to lose weight, but setting unrealistic expectations can work against you. Unrealistic expectations can lead to utmost frustration, which might in turn, cause you to give up.

Adjust your expectations and set a more modest and realistic goal to increase your chances of achieving successful weight loss. This prevents you from feeling discouraged and significantly improves your chances of success.

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