Why You Shouldn’t Embark on Your K-Pop Idols’ Extreme Diets

The moment the Hallyu wave crashed into the shores of Singapore, most of us couldn’t help but fall in love with the catchy beats and impressive outfits that K-pop has to offer. And once you’ve fully invested your time in K-pop, it’s hard to leave this genre. Soon, you find yourself discovering new girl and boy groups to stan, as you dance along to their latest hits in the secret confines of your room.

Then, you’re exposed to headlines and comments of idols with an “ant waist” or a “golden ratio” physique. Even a quick search online would enlighten you on their exact height, weight and measurements from their waist to their feet. As you get increasingly curious about how they maintain their weight, you might have come to find out about their extreme diets.

What are crash diets?

A crash diet is when you follow a restrictive meal plan like the IU diet, which merely consists of an apple, two sweet potatoes and a protein shake for breakfast, lunch and dinner – respectively. These three meals amount to around 700 calories, depending on the protein shake.

Even though the IU diet concerned most fans over South Korean singer IU’s eating habits, some have embarked on this challenge in an attempt to lose weight, fast. And although they’ve shed a significant amount of weight in a matter of a week, here’s why you shouldn’t undergo crash diets:

It reduces your metabolic rate

Since you’re drastically cutting down on your regular portion sizes, this translates to a lesser number of calories consumed daily. However, you’re likely to realise that you’ll feel tired quickly. This is because limiting your calorie intake burns muscles, which significantly impacts your metabolic rate.

It causes irritation, extreme hunger and fatigue

Often, the best weight loss program consists of a harmonious combination of carbohydrates, proteins and vegetables. Meanwhile, crash diets pale in comparison as it’s nutritionally unbalanced. The drop in blood sugar levels leads to feelings of lethargy and irritation. It also causes you to lose touch with the ability you once had to function normally due to lack of concentration. As your body craves for more food, you’re likely to feel hungry most of the time, especially since the minuscule amount of food you consume won’t suffice.

It has a yo-yo effect

After a few days, you might begin to see changes in your weight. And as you proceed to eat like you usually do, don’t be surprised by the sudden weight gain. Going through a crash diet deprives you of your daily food routine, so when you go on and off this diet, you’re causing your weight to fluctuate rapidly and irregularly. As extreme as these diets are, they’re also highly unsustainable in the long run.

Healthier alternatives to crash dieting

Having a fast solution to a long-term problem is very tempting. However, crash diets definitely aren’t designed to be a long-term fix for your daily diet, and it should never be done without consulting a dietician.

As the saying goes, slow and steady wins the race. As much as we want to attain our desired weight quickly, our physical health and mental wellbeing should never be compromised. Instead, start small by introducing more greens to your daily meals. And if you find that your current lifestyle is too sedentary, then spice it up by committing to a daily workout routine. Of course, change isn’t going to happen overnight. But over time, you’d start noticing results! Like fitting into a pair of jeans you once had to hold your breath for, or achieving a fitness milestone.

On the other hand, TCM slimming is also a great and all-natural way to lose weight without worrying about harming yourself. This treatment offers targeted slimming at areas where fats commonly accumulate, such as your lower stomach area, arms and thighs.

At Slim Couture, our in-house suction tools help stimulate the circulation of Qi, which brings about many benefits like increasing your metabolic rate! If you’d like to find out more about this treatment, contact us via +65 6534 0747!


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