How to Lose Weight Amidst a Busy Schedule

Maintaining healthy weight loss regime amidst a very busy schedule may seem impossible. Most Singaporeans juggle between full-time jobs, an extra job, evening classes, and running families, which tend to eradicate any time to work out and maintain a healthy weight. Some people have managed to navigate through these obstacles to lose some pounds. Others have opted to go for slimming treatments such as taking pills and going for surgery.

There are numerous ways of losing weight naturally through exercising and eating a healthy diet, but this requires patience, discipline, and commitment. Here are some tips to ensure successfully stick to a weight loss program in Singapore.

  1. Plan Your Schedule for Each Day and Commit to it

You will always have a free day regardless of your busy work schedule, which you can use to plan your entire week. Write down your plan and stick to it as much as you can. Include everything in your schedule. From business meetings, exercise schedule, as well as buying groceries and other household stuff, note all of them down. Planning your week will help you keep track of your weight loss and prevent you from doing something else during the time that you should be working out.

  1. Start your Day with Breakfast

Some people will always consider skipping breakfast, but it is always good to take one in the morning before starting your day. Taking breakfast will help you with the management of blood sugar levels as well as sustaining energy levels in the body.

  1. Watch Your Eating Habits

People leading busy lives are highly likely to skip a meal or two during the day. However, this slows down the metabolic rate and lower the blood sugars in the body. You should also avoid processed food since they are loaded with preservatives and other food additives that lead to weight gain. You can alternatively go for whole foods such as fruits, whole bread, vegetables, or nuts, which are rich sources of nutrients.

  1. Exercise

You will always find some free minutes in your schedule that you can you can use to visit the gym near your workplace. This could be the extra 30 minutes on a lunch hour break, in the evening after leaving work or in the morning before getting to work. You may also go for other options if you do not have an extra minute to stretch a muscle. This may include cycling to work, walking to your work- area if you live a few blocks from your office, or taking the stairs instead of the lift.

  1. Stand Up Instead of Sitting

Standing or walking around will help you burn calories. Therefore, it is always advisable to stand if your office has a standing desk setup that allows people to work while standing. If this is impossible in your office, you can always consider standing on your train ride to work or during a staff meeting.

  1. Avoid Coffee

Most people in the workplace rely on coffee to keep them alert and fresh on a daily basis. However, coffee is a diuretic, which will dehydrate your body and increase your blood sugar levels. It will also increase your weight and overload your liver hence increasing your chances of falling ill.

  1. Drink Up

Taking at least eight glasses of water every day not only smoothens your digestion but also keeps your energy levels on the higher end. It also prevents you from drinking sugary drinks such as sodas and juices that will add more calories to the body.


It is possible to lose weight and get the body shape of your dreams even if you lead a busy life. Some slimming treatment programs may require you to work on your diet with minimal exercise while others need you to work out more. Remember you can avoid diseases such as diabetes, or hypertension by maintaining a healthy weight and exercising regularly. Therefore, you should consider squeezing in a few minutes to burn some calories in the body if you want to live a healthy life.


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