How to Start Your Weight Loss Journey

Shedding off some extra pounds does not only start with enrolling yourself in a weight loss program and sticking to a particular diet. Rather, effective weight loss should start with the basics: dedication and commitment. For a weight loss journey to be effective and successful, it takes preparation to keep yourself sticking to a particular routine and pushing yourself to work harder than ever.
Losing weight does not happen overnight, and there will definitely be days where you want to give up all together when nothing seems to work out for you. However, it is all part of the journey. Big changes in your diet and the exhausting exercises are the keys to successful weight loss.

To start your weight loss journey, we’ve come up with some tips that can help you kick-start your adventure towards a healthier body and energised mind!

Check with a professional

Before you start doing anything, it is best to consult or ask a professional for help in determining which exercises, programs, and diet will best fit your overall health. Consulting a professional can lead to a more successful weight loss journey as they are experienced enough to provide you with information and prepare appropriate work out routines that will tax you while ensuring your safety.

Start writing

Be conscious of what you eat and drink. Start tracking and keeping record of everything when you begin your weight loss journey. Jotting down whatever you eat and drink not only helps you keep count of your calorie intake but it is also a good way to see if you are eating right throughout the day. Seeing a list of everything you have taken in a day makes you more informed and conscious about the types of food you have eaten and should consume later.

Set your goals

Most of the time, it is hard to start without having a specific goal in mind. To start, think about what you want to achieve and how you want to look in the long run. A weight loss journey does not simply end with losing weight, rather, it should be maintained to avoid the rebound effect of gaining everything you have lost. Setting goals can make you more focused and when you see something that distracts you from your path, you must make changes accordingly as well.

Believe in yourself

There is nothing more helpful than being confident and believing that you can achieve everything that you have planned out from the very beginning. Just remember that it takes a couple of ounces of dedication, hardwork, perseverance, commitment, and discipline to achieve all of your goals. If you think that you are already heading down the wrong path, stop and re-assess your goals. If you needed to make changes, do not afraid to do so, and start from the beginning if necessary. Losing weight does not happen overnight and it all depends on how dedicated and determined you are to keep yourself going.


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