How to Exercise Safely

Your fitness level is determined by the intensity of exercise your body can endure on a regular basis. And improving this level for weight loss or general health benefits will indeed require some time, meticulous planning and loads of patience. Plunging headlong into a rigorous exercise regime is hardly the way to go. The body needs time to adjust to the increased stress and strain. Besides, other factors like wrong equipment, wrong footwear and incorrect posture can also compromise the safety of your fitness regime. Here are some tips and guidelines on exercising safely and also for losing weight sustainably over a period of time.

The presence of a personal trainer is critical

A personal trainer is a fitness specialist. He or she is the right person to guide you about your attire, footwear, technique and posture. You may also need additional support in the form of knee guards, elbow protectors and the likes. Your trainer will advise on the same. A professional will mix up the exercise types just right and will also stop you from going overboard. Right guidance will prevent injuries and health problems.

The importance of warm up and cool down cannot be stressed enough

Before you start full blown activity, it is important to allow your body to warm up over a period of 10 to 15 minutes of moderate exercise. This enhances the blood flow in the system, increases the temperature of the muscles and peps up the breathing rate, preparing the body for the stress it will be subjected to.

Similarly, cooling down is important for normalizing the system and regularizing breathing. Stopping all of a sudden could be detrimental for the body.

The magic of a good stretch

Warm ups and cool down sessions should be essentially followed by a good stretch. These should be performed slowly and without any overt pressure. You need to relax during performing stretches and hold it. Make sure you are at ease. If a stretch proves to be strenuous or hurtful, you might be overdoing it. Your trainer will be the best person to guide you.

Listening to your body

Weight loss should be an objective. Being obsessed about it is only going to lead to desperation. When you exercise, your body bears the brunt of it all. Check for signals like extreme breathing discomfort, intense fatigue, giddiness or nausea. Stop immediately. Refrain from exercising when you are sick, not feeling up to it or experiencing intense muscle pains or joint aches.

Water: The Magic Potion

Drink plenty of water before your workout schedule. Keep sipping on water and electrolytes, during the course of your workout as well. Keeping hydrated will not only help in maintaining your energy levels but will also keep joints hydrated and flexible. Water is also necessary for regulating the heart rate during the course of the workout.

If weight loss is your only aim, exercising is not the only option at hand. There are traditional Chinese medicines available for slimming that delivers results with zero side effects. You can resort to them along with a moderate workout regime for faster and safer weight reduction.


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