5 Simple Steps to Move Closer to Your Weight Loss Goal

Losing weight sounds like a simple formula – manage the calorie deficit and exercise regularly. However, if looking at high-intensity videos tires you out, it’s time you target weight loss more creatively. Giving up on soda at once is impractical, but drinking them off skinny tumblers that make you drink less, isn’t.

If you have failed with gym memberships and hard routes to fitness, try visiting a slimming center that provides Traditional Chinese Medicine. Here are 5 simple, but smart steps to inch closer to your goal weight.

Get more plates of different colors

Baker-Miller Pink is a shade of pink that has been often proven to help relax the mind and trigger feelings of contentment. However, you need not re-paint your walls like Kendall Jenner. Expand your collection of plates in different colors to create contrasts with the color of your food.

Experts suggest that eating food off blue plates makes the portion seem larger and helps you eat less. Experts from the hospitality industry suggest that consumers alter or form perceptions on food based on color.

Have smaller dishes closer within reach

This is probably the most ignored weight-loss tip ever. Making drastic changes to what you eat can quickly backfire and send you into withdrawal. Instead, switch to smaller plates and bowls. The first reason why it helps is simply because it makes the serving size smaller. Secondly, it deceives one into thinking they are eating more. Studies have suggested that replacing your 12-inch bowls with 10-inch ones can make eat over 20% less.

Place a large mirror close to the table

Mirrors can be helpful with weight loss, much like in a gym or slimming center. Studies have proven that junk food doesn’t taste as good when eaten in front of a mirror. So, go ahead and hang a large mirror in your dining area. Firstly, it makes you conscious of your physical appearance, reminding you of your weight loss goal. More importantly, it allows you to see and judge yourself like others do, and feel uncomfortable eating unhealthy food.

Take the TV out of the dining area

When you’re distracted, you tend to overeat. Studies have revealed that watching TV while eating will make you overeat later in the day, too. Snacking in front of the TV is even more dangerous, since you don’t track how much of chips or cookies you have eaten. If you can’t help munching on something while watching TV, replace regular food with salads.

Get an essential oil diffuser

The idea is to go natural for your weight loss. Choose a TCM slimming center over a regular gym for the holistic healing the former provides. Choose natural, appetite suppressing scents over the smell of a cheese pizza. Smells can not only fire your appetite, but suppress it as well.

Getting an essential oil diffuser can bring about olfactory sensory-specific satiety or general contentment. For instance, sniffing peppermint scent every 2 hours can make you eat 400 fewer calories in a day.


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