Nutrition Strategy To Lose Weight

When you want to lose some weight, there are three important factors that you should pay attention to. Those three factors are nutrition, exercise, and rest. The key to losing weight is to create negative energy balance; which means that a number of calories intake should be less than the amount of calories expended. Therefore, you need to have adequate rest, control your meals, and regular exercise.

While you may exercise regularly and have adequate rest, eating nutritious meals is a factor that you might have forgotten about. Attempting to eat as little as possible to lose weight is not a good method, as you will likely be depriving your body of the nutrients that it needs. Eating smaller portions of nutritious meals will ensure that your body remains healthy while you control your diet. Smaller controlled portions will likely lower the amount of calories you consume, helping you on your journey to weight loss.

Calorie intake is the energy that is provided by the food that you take. While exercise will burn away calories, it only accounts for 20-30% of total amount of calories expended. Almost the entire remaining amount of calories that is acquired from eating food is used for the body to maintain various essential systems like the respiratory system, circulation system, etc. All of these systems require energy, and the amount of energy needed in different systems is termed as basal metabolic rate (BMR). Another component of expended calories that is often forgotten is the thermic effect of food, which accounts for around 10% of total expended calories.

Thermic effect of food is the amount of energy, which is required to digest and absorb the nutrients from the food. Therefore, along with reducing the amount of calories from food, you should apply the strategy of eating more often, but in small portions. A research study showed that this approach could reduce hunger and prevent overeating. That strategy can also be used to enhance body metabolism; there will only be a small amount of excess energy that is converted into fat due to the small portions eaten.

Hence, a nutrition strategy for weight loss is to start controlling the portion size of your meals. By eating enough food to satisfy your hunger, you can remain at peak energy throughout the day. The key takeaway is to avoid overeating, as that will cause you to consume too many unnecessary calories. If you still struggle with losing weight despite trying to maintain a healthy diet, it may be time to seek help. Going for a TCM weight loss program in Singapore can help you to lose weight while remaining healthy.


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