How to Convince Yourself to Give up Junk Foods

Having junk food is not always about simple attraction or losing control. It could often be about mood swings, a sort of psychological attachment to certain kind of foods and much more. Experts proclaim that the mind becomes most creative when justifying an act of binge eating! We are quick to find excuses for indulging in junk. The truth remains however that junk food always does more harm than good! Even the “feel-good” factor induced by a chocolate lasts for no longer than 3 minutes! However, the additional calories keep piling on, nullifying the impact of your slimming treatments and workout regimes!

So how do we steer clear of this nutrition-less foods? Here are some potent guidelines to follow.

Checking Ingredients

Make it a habit to check the ingredients before purchasing your food items. If you notice more than 5 ingredients in the list, steer clear of it immediately. Convince yourself that the “healthy” cookies you are craving for are not actually healthy at all! They are in fact processed and zero on nutrition. Keeping your red flags ready is important.

Changing Habits

If it is your daily habit to walk past the superstore or candy counter at 3 pm everyday when you pick up your candy bar too, it’s time for a change! If you wish to take a break from work, consider changing your route, walk around the building or take a few flights of stairs to the terrace instead! It is a great way to burn some calories and steer clear of the temptations surrounding you. When you consciously throw it out of sight, it will be easier to conquer your temptations.

Let Healthy Food Options Make their Presence Felt

If the first thing you notice when you open your refrigerator is a bar of chocolate, that is likely to capture your imagination for long enough. Battling craving will then become extremely difficult. Consider loading your fridge shelves with healthy food choices. You should be able to reach out to them in a jiffy, whenever you feel those hunger pangs gnawing at your tummy. This will definitely reduce your yearning for that stick-jaw or chocolate muffin.

Identify your Binge Triggers

Identifying binge triggers is extremely important. Each one of us have these trigger foods which encourage further binging. It could be potato wafers, a bar of chocolate or just about anything! Identifying them is half the battle won! So, be mindful about your eating habits.

Practice Chewing

Nutritionists are of the opinion that chewing more reduces the urge to eat more. So, if you happen to be indulging in your favorite cookie, crispy or chocolate cake, take time in enjoying your treat. Chew more than required. The more you chew, the easier it becomes to battle the hunger pangs! So keep the chewing on as you relish every bite.

Most importantly, you should learn to distinguish between a body need and a body suggestion. For instance, a rumbling in your tummy might tell you that you are hungry; however, a craving is a suggestion that you should consume something that’s oily or too sugary! It is important to listen to the orders and discard the unhealthy suggestions immediately. Give your slimming treatment a fair chance.


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