Why a Glass of Lemon Water Every Morning Is Important

Why a Glass of Lemon Water Every Morning Is Important

Many people have adopted the habit of drinking a glass of lemon water every morning. The major reason cited for this health-related habit is that lemon water is a detoxification agent, which means it stimulates the body’s cleansing process and cleans out toxins. Unknown by many people, however, is that lemon water also boasts of weight loss capabilities.

This means that, in addition to other weight loss measures such as physical exercise, a health diet and adequate sleep, drinking lemon water is one of the latest entrants in the world of weight loss tools. Far from being a myth, drinking lemon water every morning will complement your weight loss attempts.

So what is lemon water? It’s simply some lemon juice mixed with water. It may be served either hot or cold depending on one’s preferences. So how does lemon water supplement your weight loss program? Read on for more insight.

Crank up metabolism

Your metabolic rate is defined as the speed at which your body burns fat and calories for energy. Drinking lemon water in the morning kick-starts your metabolism because it goes into an inactive state during and after you sleep. By speeding up your metabolism through lemon water, your body burns more calories to produce heat or energy in a process termed thermogenesis. In effect, this leads to loss of weight.

Low-calorie intake

To start with, the blend of lemon and water consists of natural ingredients free of any additives or preservatives. The body works best with natural substances than processed elements. Because lemon is a natural ingredient and you are simply adding a few drops into your water, it contributes no calories to your body’s caloric count every time you sip it. Try and reason this way: Assume you substitute whatever you like drinking in the morning with lemon juice. This could be anything simple as fruit juice or pretty detrimental like soda. Some fruit juices even contain calories, leave alone coffee. However, lemon water contains zero calories. Imagine further replacing your favorite drinks with lemon water each day. This reduction in calorie intake that you would otherwise consume from coffee and other beverages goes a long way in helping you shed weight.

Waste cleansing

After digestion, all types of wastes are sent to the colon for expulsion. Failure to clean out your colon will result in the buildup of lingering waste in your colon, constipation, hardened stools and heighten the threat of colon cancer. Plus, this accumulation of lingering waste also contributes to increased body weight. Thanks to lemon’s detoxification characteristics, all this lingering waste is cleaned out thus boosting your weight loss attempts. Acids in lemon juice also slow the process of digestion, which promotes better nutrient absorption in the body.

Suppresses hunger

When you drink lemon water in the morning accompanied by a balanced meal, your brain is more likely to send signals of fullness to your brain faster. Lemon contains pectin fiber. As you are probably aware, fiber is known for inducing fullness. When you feel full, your food intake will be significantly reduced, and this means less consumption of unhealthy fats and pointless calories. In the end, you can lose a few kilograms. If you’ve previously attempted to suppress your appetite with drinks like tea or coffee, switch to lemon water instead.


Sufficient water is a crucial aspect of health. Staying hydrated is vital for everything from boosting physical performance to controlling body temperature. Research shows that increased hydration speeds up the rate at which fats are broken down. Seeing that water constitutes the lion share of lemon water, you will stay hydrated with it every day.

Lemon water can accelerate our metabolic rates, support hydration and promote weight loss. That being said, not only is it flavorsome and easy to make, it can serve as a low-calorie alternative to higher-calorie drinks.


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