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How to Maintain Your Figure After Losing Weight

Congratulations! You have just managed to meet your weight loss objective. However, this is not the end of the road since you had to work extra hard to maintain your newly acquired weight. Most people on a weight loss program always end up regaining it after a few months or a year, even if they went through the best weight loss programs in singapore. Therefore, it would be logical to say that losing weight is just the beginning of a continuous journey that might take a very long time to become permanent in your life.

Your brain is always wired to regain the fat cells after successfully losing several pounds. It does this by trying to trick you to eat more food and slowing down your body’s metabolism rate. As such, thousands of people regain their previous weight shortly after losing it. We have therefore come up with various strategies that you can always use to maintain your current weight.

Keep Your Exercise Routine
Most people are highly likely to stop their daily exercise almost immediately after attaining their most coveted weight. However, this will only lead to weight regain a few months after you have lost it. You can combine both aerobic and strength training exercises, which are essential for building healthy muscles, instead of relying on one exercise method. Exercising for at least 30 minutes every day will also help you burn extra calories and increase the body’s metabolism rate.

Find a Support System
You are less likely to relapse to your old eating habits if you have a partner to watch over you. A spouse, best friend or a family member can act as your support system since they will always have your best interests at heart. These people will hold you accountable in case you veer off from your weight loss program, and they will always encourage you to keep trying. Therefore, it is important that you have trusted people involved in your weight loss journey if you want to emerge successfully.

Watch your Diet
Unhealthy eating habits are the main reason why most people always regain their lost weight after many months of clean eating. Your diet should mainly comprise of whole grains, proteins, vegetables, and fruits. Caffeinated drinks, saturated fats, and alcohol of all types will only add a few calories that are hard to shed off later, so you should avoid daily intake as much as possible. Attaining your desirable weight doesn’t mean that you can eat everything that comes your way without checking your calorie intake. However, most weight watchers are highly likely to start taking higher amounts of carbs and sugary foods the moment they attain the weight they have been looking for as a way of rewarding themselves for a job well done. This will automatically lead to a weight gain after a few weeks.

Get On the Scale
You are highly likely to maintain your weight if you are checking your weight frequently. Checking your weight every week keeps you aware of any fluctuations that you may have in your attempts to maintain your current size. This allows you to adjust your exercise routine and your diet accordingly.

Find Your Normal Routine
There is a high chance that you ended up losing weight without finding the perfect routine. While this may have worked well during the weight loss, it might not be possible to maintain your new weight without following a particular trend. There will be times when you will be attending parties, and you do not want to stick to a glass of water, while everyone is taking champagne. Therefore, you need to lay down the exercise rules, plan your meals, and adopt a new way to cope with stress and other food cravings. Otherwise, you will end up regaining every pound that you tried hard to lose if you do not follow a particular plan.

Maintaining your new weight after losing is not as simple as it appears. You will have periods when you want to satisfy your sweet tooth, but you should not overdo it. Remember that every extra calorie in your body is converted to fat and glycogen, which are catalysts for weight gain. Therefore, you should try to watch your diet, exercise frequently and adopt a healthy lifestyle for you to retain that weight that you have struggled so much to achieve.


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