Do cardio exercises really help when you want to lose weight?

To get slimmer, you must burn more calories than you consume—one of the fastest ways to get rid of extra pounds is cardio workouts. Cardio workouts burn off a huge amount of calories while increasing your metabolic rate. Starting a full cardio workout plan can be intimidating since routines included in this type of workout test your endurance and power. However, you should have a workout routine that increases its intensity gradually to prevent overwhelming your body and mind.

Basically, you should question whether cardio exercises truly help when you want to lose weight. The answer to that is very simple—yes, it does work if it is coupled with a proper diet and a decrease in calories consumed.

Here are some ideas that might convince you to start building up that cardio routine. Let’s find out why cardio exercises contribute to weight loss!

The amount of time you spent doing cardio exercises is important.

Remember, losing weight does not happen overnight. It requires dedication and perseverance to continue following your different routines. For an exercise routine to become effective and its effect to be reflected in your body, the amount of time you are going to spend exercising matters a lot as well.

Sorting out the different types of exercises or activities under cardio is important.

List down all the exercises that you might think will work for you. Determine their intensity and then choose from there. Start from the easiest and gradually increase each exercise’s reps and intensity. However, do keep in mind to choose the type of exercises depending on how much strength or endurance you can endure and gradually increase them as your body adapts.

Consistency is key.

Stopping your cardio routine increases the chance of you gaining back the weight you’ve worked hard to lose. You have to be consistent when you want to lose weight, it is fine to take a break for a day or two but do not skip working out for a prolonged period of time. In order to manage your weight, scheduling a workout each week should also become a priority. It does not have to be two hours in a gym—a good 30 to 45 minutes of cardio exercise daily will suffice for weight maintenance.

Cardio exercises are important to keep your heart pumping to help circulate more blood, but keep in mind that you also need to incorporate other routines that can build up your muscle. Why? Cardio exercises tend to burn not only fats but muscles as well. So, it is a logical choice to incorporate various routines to achieve a better-looking physique and healthier body. You can also visit different wellness centres and find the best weight loss program in Singapore to help you lose weight.


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