Break Away From Alcohol

If you associate alcohol with nausea, vomiting and blackouts, you may be shocked to find out that you need more than the fingers on both your hands and your partner’s to count the ill effects of alcohol consumption. Did you count becoming obese? Yes, one such effect alcohol has on you is weight gain. Consumption of alcohol makes you obese. Hence, if you are planning to enter a weight loss program, you may want to refrain from alcohol consumption. Keen to know how alcohol can make you fat? Here you go.

Liver Disease And Weight Gain

 Cirrhosis is one of the most common risks faced by alcoholics. Being toxic to the cells in the liver, alcohol damages the liver so badly that liver performance is greatly reduced. Cirrhosis can cause weight gain. The poor performance of liver can result in obesity. The two major functions of the liver are detoxifying the blood and metabolising the fat. When the liver becomes sluggish, it results in weight gain. Remember that regular alcohol consumption can make your liver sluggish.

Higher Calorie Intake

You know that increased calorie consumption can cause weight gain. By consuming alcohol regularly, your intake of calories increases resulting in weight gain. Apart from the meals you eat, you gain more calories by drinking alcohol. You may want to know that 12 oz. of regular beer contains 150 calories, 1.5 oz. of whisky contains 105 calories, 1.5 oz. of rum contains 96 calories and 1.5 oz. of gin contains 110 calories.

Studies have proved that alcohol consumption before meals increases calorie intake at an alarming rate. Apart from the calorie, you gain from alcohol, you tend to get hungrier after consuming alcohol and end up eating more than you are supposed to be eating. Alcohol being an appetiser, you lose control over what you eat and how much you eat. The release of dopamine, the hormone for pleasure and addiction leads to further cravings for alcohol and food. You know where you will end up.

 Hormonal Imbalance Leads To Weight Gain

 Alcohol consumption increases cortisol levels and decreases testosterone levels. It does not matter whether you drink occasionally or regularly. Your cortisol level goes up nevertheless. While cortisol levels cause breakdown of muscles and suppress muscle recovery after exercise, lower levels of testosterone fail to burn fat leading to beer belly. Since cortisol breaks down muscles, your muscle loss will lead to weight gain.

Ability To Burn Fat Reduces

 Consumption of alcohol affects your body’s ability to burn fat. Studies have proved that fat metabolism is reduced drastically after consuming alcohol. Hydration is essential for your body for building muscle and burning fat. Since alcohol dehydrates the body, the fat burning process is affected thus leading to weight gain. Thus, you not only intake more calories by drinking alcohol, you also slow down the fat burning process, which inevitably leads to weight gain.

Stay Addicted To Health

 Being addicted to alcohol is nothing but ruining your health, wealth, happiness and in short, your life. It is better not to categorise such harmful acts as pleasures. The true pleasure lies in staying healthy. There is no better addiction than being addicted to health – physically and mentally.


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