Advance Your Bedtime If You Hope To Reduce Your Waistline

If you are one among the ever-growing obese population that is looking to lose extra pounds and if you are one among those that hit the bed late at night, you need to carry on with the reading. Here is some food for thought to help you lose the extra pounds that crept in while you stayed awake late into the night.

While it had been advocated for years by health experts that a good night’s sleep is inevitable to stay fit and healthy, the changing lifestyle has made people borrow their sleeping hours to pound on their computer keyboards. Well, technology has enabled to work from the comfort of home, but it is unfortunate that you do not realise that you overwork. The extra time spent working or watching some entertainment shows on television results in weight gain as seen by research conducted on the association between weight gain and sleep deprivation.

How Sleep Deprivation Results In Weight Gain

When you stay awake late into the night, you are naturally prone to go for the extra food that you are not supposed to be eating. Food cravings are common when you stay awake at night. It could either be hunger thanks to the extra calories burnt while you are awake for more hours or it could be an attempt to energise your tired body and mind. Either way, it is only going to help you add some extra weight, which you have been desperately trying to lose.

Not Only Hormones, but Your Appetite Is Also Affected

The general idea everyone has about a lack of sleep is that it affects the hormones. Not only your hormones, but sleep deprivation also affects your appetite as well. Recent studies have brought to the fore that sleeplessness affects appetite, which in turn results in weight gain. Leptin and ghrelin, the hormones influencing our appetite, are affected when you sleep less. Leptin level reduces making you feel that you have not had enough and ghrelin level increases, triggering your appetite. So you end up eating more than what is rightfully due.

Cravings Go Down As Sleep Time Improves

When you treat yourself with sufficient hours of sleep every day, you do not feel tired. This, in turn, reduces your cravings for high carb snacks and sweets. Since you do not burn the calories you are supposed to; your body stores them as fat. You not only lose your sleep but also lose out on your goal to achieve weight loss.

Physical Activity Reduces With Reduced Sleep

Lack of sleep makes you tired the following day, and this could badly ruin your physical activity. Various studies have been conducted on people who are sleep-deprived. The results point to the fact that individuals who sleep less spend more time in front of their television rather than engaging themselves in physical activities. This plays a part to an extent in weight gain.

If you are planning to lose weight, you need to attack your excess flesh from all possible angles. While a balanced diet and regular exercise play a key role, to achieve the result you need to get quality sleep. Sleep not only helps in weight loss, but it also makes you energetic and healthy


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