Your Ultimate Guide To Building A Workout Playlist

Unless you prefer listening to the sound of your own heavy breathing, most of us listen to music whilst working out. Research has found that doing physical activities accompanied by music can elevate your mood, increase your productivity and boost your athletic performance. If there is anything that you can do to make working out more enjoyable, it is certainly the right workout playlist!

Music is a great way to have fun while losing weight— whether it’s to give yourself the push you need to keep going or pumping yourself up, music can help ignite your motivation. Unfortunately, making a suitable workout playlist goes beyond just choosing all your favourite songs and compiling them into a playlist. If you are unsure what songs to include, check out this ultimate guide to creating your workout playlist!

Assess your pace

The rhythm of your movement as you work out should match the beats per minute of your song selection. If you are running or cycling, you may count your movements over a 60-second period. Even if you’re lifting weights or doing strength work that doesn’t involve much movement, your heart rate will still match the music you play, so it’s good to keep it upbeat and energetic. If you are a beginner, try counting the number of steps you can take in a minute and match that to the beat of any song.

Arrange your playlist

As you begin your workout, you are likely to gradually start in simple routines and move your way up to intense ones. Thus, it would be beneficial to make sure that your playlist is arranged accordingly. The songs you are listening to are a way of bringing the entire session together — from warming up to transitioning from different moves and cooling down, so it’s important that you focus on curating a playlist for your whole workout routine. If you’re doing movement routines, choose songs that are continuous so the silence between each song doesn’t affect your pace.

Create a backup playlist

It’s perfectly normal to feel extremely tired when working out. Instead of forcing yourself through your upbeat and high-intensity routines, try building a backup playlist with less intense songs so you do not feel like you are struggling to catch your breath.

Play with the beats

Something as simple as a beat could push your routine such as cycling or running to the next level. So, when you plan on stepping up your game, create a playlist with songs that are slightly faster than your natural pace — remember that just a few extra beats per minute already make a difference. With a faster music pace, you will be able to do more work and not notice or mind the increase in workload.

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There’s no doubt that listening to your favourite songs can make working out more fun, but the right playlist can certainly boost your performance and make your session even more productive! Still, slimming isn’t all about just working out – it also comes in many ways, with the most common methods being adopting plant-based diets and portion control.

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