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Why Fad Diets May Not Work Out And Be Effective For You

In an effort to lose weight fast, you may settle for diets whose background information you are not fully aware of. An eating plan which becomes popular too quickly is a fad diet. In most cases, this diet will promise dramatic, and often unrealistic results as far as weight loss is concerned.

As much as we hate to admit it, this type of eating plan always pries on people’s willingness to impulsively experiment on anything and everything new, especially when they are promised reduced risk of diseases such as heart problems and diabetes.

Why are fad diets popular?

As much as it is continually said that fad diets are not effective for you, it has been proven that they provide some results rather quickly. Their popularity is due to the fact that they yield quick results in the short term. However, they are not necessarily beneficial in the long term. Consequently, people on this diet may lose weight at first, but end up gaining back this weight (or even much more) in the long term.

How should you deal with fad diets?

The desire for instant gratification is a disease for humans. You may sometimes think that it is intricately embedded in our genes. Nevertheless, the ability to deal with instant gratification is the right attitude for dealing with fad diets.

Alarm signs for fad diets

It really takes a lot of effort to gain weight. Besides, it may take even more effort to lose the weight you have gained. For this reason, it is best to avoid diets that promise you continuous loss of as much as 2kg every week. Weight loss should be progressive and takes time to yield beneficial outcomes.

Besides, you should make an effort to shun all eating plans that seem too good to be true. As is common with fad diets, eating plans such as these often make promises that are unrealistic. One classic example is an eating plan that promises weight loss even if you don’t give up foods that are rich in calories.

You should also be wary about diet plans that are only based on singular scientific research which looks too complex. In most cases, you may find that such studies are misinterpreted and the claims by these diet plans may not be entirely true.


Fad diets are not the ideal diet plans for weight loss. Although they may yield quick results, they are not the go-to eating plans if you want long-term benefits. Besides, fad diets are usually less tried and tested. They don’t have sufficient evidence to back their claims. This means that you may not know exactly how your body will respond to these changes in diet.

You should always seek a professional or a specialist who knows about the best weight loss programs in Singapore as they are more credible. One such treatment is using the techniques of TCM slimming which provides to be a more reliable and trusted solution in losing weight and improve your overall well-being.


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