Ways to fight diabetes and obesity

Chances of obese individuals getting Type 2 diabetes are high. Recent studies show that Singapore is 2nd among countries with the highest proportions of diabetics. Diabetes affects blood circulation and even leads to foot ulcers needing amputation. Heart diseases, kidney failure and blindness are other complications. However, one-third of the total pre-diabetics in Singapore can actually avert the risk. To know how you can fight diabetes and obesity by weight loss, read on.


Maintaining the right body weight

Pre-diabetics who lose 5 to 7% of their body weight can cut down their progression rate to diabetes by half. Excess weight can easily trigger type 2 diabetes. This is the reason why bariatric surgery seems to be on the rise. Even more, people are going for exercise and alternative slimming treatment.

Portion control, avoiding refined sugar and fats, and exercising can help lose excess weight. People tracking their weight loss tend to do it faster and more effectively.


Cutting down on high sugar foods

This can be done by identifying the type and amount of carbohydrates you are consuming in your diet. The first kind is simple sugars, found commonly in dairy products, syrups, honey etc. They are also the added sugar found in processed foods. These get assimilated rapidly and require massive insulin secretion.

Replace foods with simple sugars by those with complex sugars, for instance, whole grains and legumes. Consuming carbohydrates with a low glycemic load can help prevent diabetes.


Eating the right fats

Consuming the right dietary fats is also important for weight loss. Avoiding saturated fats can help prevent inflammation and avert insulin resistance. On the other hand, fats like oleic acid, present in olive oil, and other omega-3 fats can result in better insulin response. Using olive oil in cooking can help in slimming treatment and diabetes prevention.


 Working out regularly

Physical exercise is an integral part of successful slimming treatment. It also helps keep diabetes and cardiovascular diseases at bay. Muscular activity helps in the absorption of glucose and improved insulin sensitivity. Get at least 150 minutes of cardiovascular activity every week, like going for long walks if running is not something that you like doing.

Physical activity also improves blood pressure. This is crucial if you want to avoid lifestyle diseases and keep heart diseases and diabetes at bay.


Undergoing TCM slimming

Many people in Singapore are opting for Traditional Chinese Medicine for weight loss and diabetes prevention today. This is a holistic form of treatment that uses techniques like acupuncture, cupping and diet management. The best part about TCM is that it is free of side-effects and avoids the use of prescription drugs.

Traditional Chinese Medicine helps pre-diabetics to avoid and diabetics to fight the disease. It works to ensure overall well-being.


Adopting a healthy lifestyle

Getting proper sleep is important for diabetes. It also helps in weight loss by improving metabolism, suppresses cravings for sugar and carbohydrates. You must take at least 8 hours of sound sleep on a daily basis. It is equally important to avoid stress. Stress management is actually the first step for diabetes management.


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