Walking tips for weight loss

Time and other constraints mean that losing weight is not as straightforward as it seems. Often, you will find yourself trying other successful options for your weight loss program. Some try techniques like Traditional Chinese Medicine, while some take up walking to get fit. It is a safe enough exercise, and if you stick to your routine, it can help you to lose as much as a pound of weight per week. Walking is also a great way to tone your body and keep the risks of diabetes and arthritis at bay. If you are planning to start walking for weight loss, what’s important is to change your mindset first before starting your weight-loss challenge physically. Read these tips on how to lose weight by walking.

Walk regularly and at a consistent pace

The amount of calories burnt in walking depends on one’s body weight and walking speed. Experts say that walking at four miles per hour for an hour can help burn about 400 calories. However, walking takes up time and one doesn’t need to walk four miles every day. You can simply commit to walking 2-3 miles for your weight loss program. You can take even shorter distances, combining it in your everyday schedule. Professionals recommend walking 30 minutes for four days a week.

Get a pedometer to record your walking

Pedometers and wrist bands have become necessary devices for a number of people with weight loss programs. The pedometer is a device that can be attached to the hip. It is not too heavy and packs in a number of features apart from counting the number of steps you take in a day. Counting steps using a pedometer is important for losing weight. If you are talking 6000 steps a day and are not losing weight, you can increase the number of steps. Also take note of what you are consuming on a daily basis. Both diet has to work with exercise for weight loss.

Take 2000 steps per mile

Walking one mile can burn about 100 calories. For weight loss, you will have to walk 2000 steps in one mile. To lose one pound, you will have to create a deficit of 500 calories every day, which will be achieved by walking 10,000 steps a day. This number need not intimidate you, since you can fit it into your daily schedule. When going to work, get off a stop before. Use the stairs instead of the elevator, and park your car further away.

Walk with a good posture and a good technique

Walking is a natural activity, but doing it with a bad posture all these years could have led to you developing a poor style of walking. Walking with good posture is crucial for your weight loss program. Keep your chin up, look ahead at a distance of about 10 feet, hold the gluts firm, pull the abdomen in, and walk with a long stride.

Do not let any monotony creep in

It is necessary to keep yourself entertained while walking. It is important to feel burdened when you are in the midst of walking as this will only demotivate you. You can do this by choosing different places for walking with a close friend. In case if you are alone, walk at different parks and neighbourhoods and carry a music player along to keep yourself entertained. If it is too cold or raining outside, do not miss your hour of walking. Instead, do it on your treadmill. Get them along now!


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