The Key Essentials of Self-Motivation for Weight Loss

The Key Essentials of Self-Motivation for Weight Loss

Insufficient motivation is one of the foremost commonly cited obstacles to losing weight. Whether it’s a lack of willpower, an absence of self-discipline, or just a general lack of drive, there is no shortage of reasons why many find dieting hard.

The truth, though, is that motivation is a fickle mistress. It comes and goes, and there’s little you can do to force it to stay. What you can do is take steps to ensure it comes back as soon as possible when it does leave.

From public accountability to incremental goals, there are many ways to ensure that you stay motivated. Here are three tips that will motivate you and help develop your internal motivation for long-term success:

1. Find an internal motivation

Your motivation to lose weight will be affected by various factors, particularly where your inspiration originates.

External motivation is from the surface, usually in the form of a tangible reward. Another considerable factor is peer pressure or the need for approval from family or friends. Feelings of shame are another. Internal motivation comes from within – you’re driven by the joy you feel from doing an activity or witnessing your developments.

Your motivations for wanting to lose weight are equally essential. There’s no need to feel ashamed if the reason is to improve your appearance, as many others share the same goal. However, it’s also crucial that one of your motivations is internal.

2. S. M.A.R.T. Goals

S.M.A.R.T. goals can help facilitate your weight loss journey. Setting and writing down realistic goals will help you see your destination more clearly and lead to a healthier life in the long run.

– Specific: Rather than writing something general like “lose weight”, make it specific like “lose 5 kilograms in a month by eating healthier and exercising daily”.

– Measurable: Regularly measure your progress and food/calorie intake as best and as detailed as possible. This will help you stay on top of your diet and be mindful of your intake.

– Attainable: Try to make sure that your goals are doable. Do not set your exercise time for an hour every day if you think you cannot follow it.

– Realistic: It would be best if you had goals you could stick with for a long time. For example, losing 20 kilograms in a month is not realistic, and you are bound to lose motivation once you realise that you cannot reach your destination. What you need to do instead is to try and lose 5 kilograms per month. You can increase that goal if you feel ready for more hardcore exercise and diet.

– Timely: Set a date for your weight loss goals. If you feel like you cannot achieve your goals within your given timeline, it’s okay to change it. Don’t be so hard on yourself; be flexible with your plans.

– Self-motivation: How you talk to yourself is crucial – nobody can motivate you best than yourself! Be gentle and compassionate to yourself, especially at the start of your journey.

If you exceed your calorie count or forget a workout, do not be so hard on yourself. Try to instead adjust your schedule to accommodate the missed workout or lose the extra calories.

It’s also okay to treat yourself to sweets now and then as long as you don’t overindulge. Turn away thoughts that tell you that something is hard. Instead, try and think, “This is hard, but I know I can do it if I put my mind to it”.

3. Have a weight-loss or workout buddy

One of your biggest allies is a friend or family member who is also going on the same journey as you. The time will pass more quickly, and you will feel less alone if you try to come up with ideas for how to make a diet or workout more enjoyable and thrilling together. You two can also serve as each other’s partners in motivation. This will make you most likely stay on top of your schedule.


Try redirecting your focus to self-appreciation should you feel uninspired or unhappy with your progress. Instead of criticising yourself for not losing enough weight, try to be grateful that your body moves and everything it does for you. Redirect your focus from how you look to how you move.

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