Portion Control: How Eating Smart Can Overcome Overeating

Portion Control: How Eating Smart Can Overcome Overeating

Eat right and lose right! Achieving a healthy weight loss isn’t just about cutting calories—it involves adopting a well-rounded approach that incorporates a balanced diet and regular exercise. Rather than resorting to extreme food restrictions, which often result in weight regain, prioritise the practice of portion control. Here are five effective ways to curb your eating habits and prevent overindulgence:

1. Use smaller tableware 

Opting for smaller tableware is a simple yet effective strategy to control food intake. Larger plates can deceive us into perceiving smaller portions, leading to unintentional overeating.

Conversely, switching to smaller tableware creates an illusion of more substantial servings, helping to reduce the amount of food on your plate and curbing overindulgence. This simple adjustment promotes mindful eating and supports your efforts to maintain a healthy portion size.

2. Ask for less portion

Feel free to request a smaller serving when dining out. Restaurants usually serve a standard food portion size that can be more than you can consume. Ask for a lesser food portion to prevent overeating and save yourself from all those extra calories!

3. Drink water before a meal

Consider beginning your meal with a glass of water. It helps hydrate your body and makes you feel full, which can prevent overeating. This simple practice can be effective in controlling your appetite and avoiding excessive eating during meals.

4. Don’t eat your snacks out of the bag

Have you ever felt like you are not hungry, but your hands and mouth are itching to chew on something? Mindless snacking can lead to weight gain since we are eating without paying attention to how much we are consuming. That is why we need to cut down on mindless snacking to lose unwanted weight effectively.

Similar to using smaller tableware, snacking straight from the bag can make us eat more without realising it. To better control your snack intake, try transferring them from the large packaging into a smaller container or bowl. This way, you can keep track of the amount you are eating and avoid mindless snacking.

5. Measure your serving size

Take a moment to measure out the suggested serving size and familiarise yourself with its visual representation. This makes it easier to gauge the right amount of food to consume and helps you practice portion control. By mastering the understanding of serving sizes, you can effectively avoid overeating.


Control your food intake and lose weight the right way! Portion control can help you lose the weight you don’t want and sustain it. It is a safer and healthier method compared to cutting out food completely. Since our body requires the nutrients from the food we consume, we need a healthy diet to lose weight effectively.

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