6 Tips To Cut Down On Mindless Snacking During COVID-19

You’re not that hungry, but your mouth is craving to chew something. Subconsciously, your hands reach out for a snack, as you begin munching on them with your eyes zoned to your laptop screen. And then comes lunchtime. By then, you aren’t hungry enough for a full meal, but your appetite isn’t satisfied enough to do without lunch. The moment you’re done with lunch, you feel absolutely bloated.

We’ve all been there. Even in cinemas, we’d be nibbling on a bag of sugar-coated popcorns without realising how much we’re consuming, until the bag is empty. Although snacking is done in small doses, its impact on our eating lifestyle is of a considerable extent.

Mindless snacking can cause an increase in your sugar levels and calorie count. If you want to curb this habit, here are some tips you must be aware of!

1. Have a mealtime plan

The opposite of “mindless” is “mindful”. By planning out your meals for the day, you’re setting an intention of when and what to eat. This reduces the chances of skipping meals, which also reduces the likelihood of snacking mindlessly. And if you have a plan, you’re more likely to be more mindful about your daily consumption.

2. Prepare healthy snacks

The goal isn’t to completely cut off snacking, but to cut down on it. Rather than consuming sugar-loaded titbits, try healthier superfoods instead! Bite-sized fruits, nuts, dark chocolate, or even vegetable chips – the choice is yours. But of course, it should be done in moderation as well; otherwise, you’d be too full to consume a proper, nutritious meal.

2. Stay hydrated

Often, we snack because we think we’re hungry when in actual fact, it might be a sign that our body is dehydrated. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to reduce the urge to snack. It can also be helpful to add a variety to your mix, like sipping on herbal tea, infused water or detox drinks.

4. Brush your teeth

What does oral hygiene have to do with snacking? Well, the leftover flavours in your mouth might be the reason behind your constant craves for snacks. For example, when you consume something laden with sugar, the sweet taste remains in your mouth that even water can’t cleanse.

5. Consume fibre-rich food

Foods rich in fibre do wonders in controlling the spike in high blood sugar levels. Hence, consuming fibre helps decrease sugar consumption which, in turn, lowers your desire to nibble on sugary foods and snacks.

6. Acknowledge the underlying emotions

Most of us snack mindlessly because of emotions and situations like boredom, loneliness, stress and the like. Instead of eating because of your feelings, try finding other outlets instead. If you’re feeling lonely or sad, you can try talking to a friend or watching your favourite comedy movies. Maybe fill up your time with a hobby anytime you feel bored. Think and try out different activities to deal with your feelings, rather than fill the void with food. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to how you deal with your emotions, and it’ll definitely require lots of trial and error.

It’s always best to be intentional around the food and snacks you consume, especially if you’re aiming for weight loss. And while you keep track of your calorie intake, make sure to burn it off by going for a brisk walk or undergoing the best weight loss program.

At Slim Couture, our TCM slimming procedure, Divine SlimTM, is a weight loss program suited for you, regardless of your gender and weight. We’d love to help you look your best, as you shine from within with self-confidence! If you’d like to embark on your weight loss journey with us, feel free to give us a call or drop us an enquiry via our website. As we’re still amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we’d highly appreciate if you abide by safe distancing measures, just like how we’re doing our part by keeping our boutiques clean.


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